Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Things to Learn & Adapt from JIM DACE 2012

Celebrating its 54th anniversary, PAPDI JAYA held a 3-day scientific meeting entitled "Jakarta Internal Medicine in Daily Practice" (JIM DACE) in Jakarta.

This scientific meeting consisted of workshops at five different hospitals on Aug 31, followed by 2-day symposium at Flores Ballroom, Borobudur Hotel, North Jakarta. The topics of discussions were varied from renal anemia (presented as general lecture), current approach to upper gastrointestinal disorders, new paradigm in type-2 diabetes mellitus, the art of initiating insulin therapy for outpatients, to 'astaxanthin' as a new anti-aging supplement.
I could never thank my boss enough for giving me the rare opportunity to attend the event (for free!). As a recent graduate doctor of medicine, I literally couldn't afford such expensive symposium by myself yet I was too ashamed to have my mom backed me up. *blushing*

Anyways, I've learnt lots of new things and tried to apply them in my (upcoming) practice. I believe I have to give my best to my patients at all time. As for you my loyal readers, I will share my practice knowledge in the upcoming posts. Hope you'll find it useful. Have a good day!

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