Friday, August 31, 2012

The Bland Bourne

Yesterday I went for a movie date with my baby brother. I was pretty excited cos it was the payday, and Andrew took the opportunity to extort me ha-ha-ha! Never mind, I needed a break anyway.

The movie options was down to two; either Step Up Revolution or The Bourne Legacy. Final decision went to the latter, since its late show was giving us time to put things together.

As for the movie, 135 minutes went bland. They spent too many minutes on introductions yet nothing left for conclusive ending. Nothing came up for the climax and anti-climax. I suppose Bourne series without Jason Bourne is... such a crap! Sorry.


  1. I will watch either this one or Expendables 2 next week with my friends. I guess I will insist on choosing Expendables 2 :)


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