Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Apple Service Center in Jakarta

I believed there were 3 things wrong with my Intel Core Duo Macbook back then; I couldn't run Photo Booth application, relatively small-volume speakers and low charge capacity battery. Wanna know what happened when I filed a complaint? Keep reading.

ERROR: Photo Booth cannot open because no camera is attached or the camera is in use by another application.

The first time I got this message was someday around the end of 2007, but I never thought it was a big deal. Since I don't use the built-in iSight on regular basis (I have an external webcam attached to my PC), I had ignored it for a while. Besides, I wasn't sure I can live without my Macbook even just for a week (by leaving it to the service center LOL).

Of course I had done my homework to solve this problem myself. Below are what I did in chronological order;
  1. Closed any other applications which related to iSight, checked.
  2. Restart the computer, checked.
  3. Unplug the computer, take off the battery and hold the ON button for 5 sec, checked. Still... Nothing's changed.
  4. Resetting PRAM, checked.
  5. Firmware update, checked.
FYI: I still use Tiger OS, not the Leopard one. I believe there's huge differences if you're using Leopard OS.

Last month however, I admitted my loss and decided to bring it to one of the trusted service centers as my brother had suggested; iBox Ratu Plaza. Obviously I was too conceited that I forgot my own stupid foibles.

On April 13, 2009 I went there accompanied by Andrew. Slightly being overconfident with my Apple insurance, I came without any intention to spend a dime on repair fee.

There wasn't a long queue on that day so my brother and I took a seat while still observing other consumers' problems (and took a picture too! Tee-hee). Anyhow based on my observation that day, most of them were having troubles with the batteries. A young executive man who sat next to me voluntarily told me that his recent purchase Macbook Air was also having a low charge capacity battery! Tsk-tsk-tsk. What surprised me the most is the fact that the fifth generation (and up) iPods are prone to battery problems. The cost to replace it with new battery is IDR 800,000 for all generations except for iPod touch it'll cost a bit more at IDR 1 million. Alas.

When it came to my turn, a guy (later I found out that his name is Joe) received my complaint and checked my computer to confirm.

Firstly he checked my battery problem through System Profiler (which had never sprung to my mind before) and as figured, the battery full charge capacity was 1000-something whereas normally it should be more than 5000 mAh. Bad news was, AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) doesn't cover any accessories damages which mean it won't cover battery and charger problems. Gah!

Well well, that was the time I had to make an improvisation. I was babbling about Apple Battery Replacement Program on May 2008 and explained why I had skipped the program. My battery performance was still pretty good back then, unfortunately it started to show symptoms of an affected battery soon after the program had ended. *sob* Anyway to set the record straight, I did tell him nothing but the truth. Pardon me, I couldn't afford to spend IDR 1,6 million for battery only! Especially when nobody can guarantee that the new battery won't be affected too.

Secondly, he figured out that the Photo Booth error had something to do with a broken camera. He told me not to worry cos it would be covered by APP. I was so relieved.

Lastly, regarding the speakers volume.. That guy totally pissed me off. I never said anything about unworkable speakers at the first place. What I was saying was merely the fact that I had compared my Macbook volume with my brother's and found out that mine had had a lower volume. Instead of carefully listening to my speakers volume, that guy continuously spoke derisively to me about nothing but overly hasty in drawing a conclusion about my knowledge; the significant volume differences between regular Macbook and Macbook Pro, bla bla bla. He even had the nerves to tell me that I probably got low quality MP3s! Dude, I'm not that stupid. I had tested it by playing YouTube videos. In addition to that, he said if he filed an incorrect problem to Apple headquarter, he would be charged for his recklessness.

Seriously if Andrew hadn't reminded me that I had to leave my Macbook for a week under his supervision, I'd be more than happy to give him an uppercut! Nonetheless, it came to my apprehension that I had to be patient for the sake of my favorite Macbook. No need to waste time and energy for such a scum. Even though he didn't submit my third problem, I tried my best to give him my warmth smile and shook his hand before I left. And yes, he indeed looked astonished.

On the fifth following day, my patience paid off! That was quick. A woman called me on my mobile to let me know that my Macbook was fixed and ready to be picked up. She also had a good news; Apple was agree to replace my battery for free! YAY!

Thank you very much for the fast response and despite what happened earlier, I still recommend iBox Ratu Plaza as one of the best Apple Service Centers in Jakarta.

Moral of the story: "Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances" (Thomas Jefferson) and yes, ALWAYS purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan! *grin*