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Friday, February 27, 2009

I Had It Coming

I'd like to personally thank you all who have been giving me moral supports and advice since my last post. I was overwhelmed.

Today I just want to keep you guys posted of the latest news. The so-called controversial post has been viewed by some of the cousins who kindly enough to bombard me with complaints. It was figured and totally understandable, however some things were unacceptable and irrelevant that I assumed they didn't read it thoroughly.

Before the bombardment, I had already perceived how unwise I was to put my family matters on the internet regardless how resentful I had been. Someone old in my maternal family has made it very clear.

I always say, better ask forgiveness than permission.   --Brom, Eragon (2006)

So I was wrong. I wrote it in my emotional consciousness, during my mental breakdown. I was too upset to be able to think intelligibly when my mom was hurt. I hadn't let my mom knew about the making of the post in the first place cos I believed she would make me to turn it off. She's just too sweet to be hurt.

By making this post, I'm not trying to seek for justification of what I did. I made a mistake and I've learnt my lessons. I'm now fully aware that mortifying people on the internet will never do any good. I can't change who they really are by constantly writing about their flaws. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Link Time!!!

  • Michael Jackson has superbug infection. Does it tell us something? I think so. It warns you NOT to undergo too much cosmetic surgeries. 
  • I've finally been able to access my MySpace account after 4 years being neglected! I was damn excited to see my old cute pics, LOL. Just realized my friends and classmates are more into Friendster or Facebook.
  • I also decided to try microblogging at Twitter
  • Does Social Media Make Us Better People? Pete Cashmore reports at Mashable.
  • Curious about political campaigns of Indonesia future leaders? Therry and Boy have some examples to display.  
  • Fashionese Daily interviewed MAC senior make-up artist John Stapleton.
  • Interesting blog post "Busy" by Merlyna.
  • Christine from Temptalia shares her enormous make-up collection. *drooling*

If you want to share your interesting articles or request for a link exchange, submit your comment in this post or e-mail me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Deborah Milano Free Goodies

Yayyyy!!!! They're finally here! I won a package of Deborah Milano goodies from FEMALE magazine which had been announced on last month edition.

I get it pretty tardy cos the FEMALE Team were waiting for the vouchers to complete the packages.

What I've got...
  • Small red tote bag
  • Bronzing Powder #10
  • Rosetto 'Atomic Red' Lipstick #06
  • Shine TECH 'Nail Enamel Extreme Ultralasting Shine' Nail Polish #13
  • Free Manicure Voucher
  • Discount Voucher


Swatches and reviews will available soon! (I hope so!)

Snapshots of Hillary Clinton's Arrival in Jakarta

I was on my way home with Andrew after attending my relative's 78th b'day lunch at Kramat Jati, East Jakarta. Pretty shocked actually to find out that my brother and I were trapped in unusual traffic (traffic jam, it is) along Gatot Subroto streets.

FYI, as a Jakartan who used to stuck in traffic, I tend to be panicky if the streets are quiet and deserted look-alike. There are only two things popped in my mind in that case; there's a bomb terror or rampages. Remember 1998 Jakarta riots or 2003 Marriott Hotel bombing? Then you must know what I mean.

Around 2 PM today, it turned out to be US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton's arrival in Jakarta that stopped the traffic! Lucky for me, there's still battery power remained on my digital camera to take a few snapshots. *grin*

Picture above was the AFTER traffic as soon as the entourage passed by. Welcome to Jakarta, Mrs. Clinton! Enjoy your stay and looking forward to hearing some good news from you! 

Bloggers "Land Coffee" Part Deux

Disclosure: Finally! This post has been draft for a while, because I couldn't decide how I was gonna write this down. As for the images, I only use those that originally captured on my camera. 

Soon after the successful initial Land Coffee, highly enthusiasm participants yearned for more. Five hours in a day, who says it would be enough to get to know new friends? Therry, the not-so-innocent hostess (LOL), cared to invite more bloggers to join in via Facebook.

This time, we agreed to meet at Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, since Anita had been craving for Ujung Pandang noodle. It was pretty much the opposite of my residence (I live in South Jakarta, btw), but apparently traffic jam and dirt road didn't stop us to gather on the sunny Sunday. Besides, who dares to refuse her wish? *cough*

So who were coming to second Land Coffee on Feb 8, 2009?
Therry (of course), Anita, Elyani, me, Toni, Juinita, Boy and Wiwin.

And the story goes...
I'm trying to be more descriptive this time. *fingers crossed*

That day was the first time I saw 4 out of 8 bloggers bring exactly the same camera (except for the scary paparazzi 'monster' lens which belongs to his truly); Anita, Toni, Elyani and Juinita. 

Let's start with the hostess first, shall we?
Therry looked very feminine wearing black-and-white printed shift dress and oversized red handbag. Great combination, Dear! I still remember how mesmerizing she was, when others -including me- stuck with jeans. She probably has the most shy innocent face among all, but trust me, look can be very deceiving. She even talked more talkative than I did (in a good way, for sure), LOL! 

Candid picture of our photography gurus; Toni and Elyani were posing with their Canon Digital SLR. Sorry for its low quality, it was taken from my cellphone. 

In this scene I believe they were trying to shoot the Bengawan Solo coffee plastic cups, maybe.

Surprisingly, the dynamic duo seemed to plan wearing the same color t-shirts! *wink* Nice!

Juinita (aka Tere616) was wearing brown loose top (more like leopard prints, I think) and jeans. She's a cool working mom who loves to socialize but still manage herself to maintain her blogs; one in Bahasa and the other one is in English. At a glance, you might recognize her as Trie Utami, one of Indonesian famous female singers. I was wondering if she can actually sing as too?

Anita has been living in Scotland since 2007 but she's been a real traveler since forever, I guess. Wearing olive green loose top, white bubble shorts, wedges and toting a Prada seemed to be effortless, but from the way she wore eye make-up, it was hard to believe that she was packing light! ROTFL. I admire her flawless radiant skin and also her wits. She's definitely the muse for me!

Boy and Wiwin respectively joined when we were grabbing coffees at La Piazza. 

Therry and I had the same first impression about Boy; a metrosexual, based on his appearance. Later I was amazed after he told us that he's been living by himself since high school. Awesome!  

Unfortunately I didn't talk much with Wiwin, since she was enjoying her chit-chat with Boy. *Oops, I didn't intend to spread the rumors. Please don't kill me!*

Anyways these were my food photography lessons from Toni during our luncheon at Bakmi UP;
Are you salivating already? You can see his magnificent art works here.

Before I forgot... 

The chocolate cupcakes were sponsored by Dominé Cake & Bakery that belongs to Therry's mom. We were given samples to try and they tasted really good! Check the website to find out more options!

Thank you so much guys for coming! It was very pleasant to meet y'all. 

P.S. Read another report of this meet up at Anita's.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Devi Asks You: What's With 'Bahasa'?

I'm an Indonesian; born, live and grown up in Indonesia. First time being introduced to English formally when I was 8, on the third grade. Nothing special at that time, except for the fact that I could learn English faster than Bahasa Indonesia. Silly, I know.

As time goes by and my blog grows, I feel a lot easier to write in English than in my own mother tongue. It's pretty funny actually, regarding the reality that I've never studied abroad (hopefully after I finish my med school, only God knows).

Anyways, let's back to the topic before I start to ramble. Noted that most of my questions are pointed out to Indonesian bloggers, but well, feel free to drop comments whoever you are. :-)

  • Do you feel the same way too? First of all, when it comes to write something in Bahasa, I'm always confused which pronoun to be used to refer to myself (first person singular)? 'Saya' is the most formal pronoun to be used in school essays and national press, followed by 'Aku' (less formal than 'Saya'). I admitted to use both of them on my previous Indonesian postings, but I did feel rigid  when I read them. 'Gue' is the informal, common casual pronoun on daily conversations among Indonesian people. However sometimes, using it on blog post may be interpreted as rude and uneducated. Whereas in English, 'I' is solely translated for all of them; 'Saya', 'Aku' and 'Gue', and I can just write without worrying about politeness and/or linguistic competence LOL.

  • Does it mean I disrespect my national language? (if I blog in English.) Some people like my own English teachers at school and well-known Indonesian people earning their degree from English Literature once told me that Bahasa is lack of vocabularies. Undeniably, some of its vocabularies are inspired from English (read: Indonesian version of English words).

  • Do you honestly think I have problems with brain-synchronization? (if I cannot mention the Bahasa translation for some English words and unfortunately I know the real meaning only when it states in English) It kinda happens to me somewhat; mostly when my mom asks me about Hollywood movie titles, LOL.

  • Last but not least. Do you want me to keep writing in English on regular basis, or more posts in Bahasa?

Monday, February 16, 2009

On Valentine's Day

I never take Valentine's Day seriously, even when I was dating someone. However I wouldn't mind to accept flowers, chocolates or anything pinkish from my secret admirers LOL!

So my girlfriend and I went to see Valkyrie at Senayan City (very typical of Asian girls; malling, LOL) to spend the weekend. Initially I was willfully to see Confessions of a Shopaholic to get laugh and relentless eye candy, but sadly it hasn't appeared yet on the cinema. 

And yes, as predicted earlier, the mall has been crowded with couples and pinkish nuance. Below is my V-Day's outfit;

MISS SIXTY Pink Top, GUESS Jeans, Cropped Denim Jacket from Lovely Chic, GUESS croco tote, Hush Puppies cream sandals.

No need to criticize, I realize I've been getting pounds recently since I've been eating a lot and no exercise are taken. *sniffles*

Anyways, Valkyrie didn't meet my expectation of a decent war movie. I queued for half an hour to get the tickets and ended up (almost) falling asleep during the show! 

Apparently I wasn't the only one. Rica, my girlfriend, felt the same way too and surprisingly a couple went out after 30mins. Gosh, can you imagine how boring the movie is? Perhaps the most heartwarming scenes were those displayed Tom Cruise without his left eye and right hand post bomb attack. Other than that, narration from my history teacher at secondary school is so much better. 

P.S. I've got a basket of chocolates from my brother's girlfriend. Thanks, Darling! *wink*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Five Hair Tips from Allure Insider

Just in time! When I desperately need some help to do something with my dull hair, Allure throws great tips on their website. It's an old article I believe but I think it's a good one. Oldie but goodie. Thank God! My long straight hair never compromise curling iron nor blow dry, I kinda hate it for that. I'll keep you updated if the tips really work well. Hopefully.

(Article below is cited from

Sleek and chic is all well and good, but hair that's so flat it reveals your skull's contours is another matter. Here's how to turn up the volume.

1. LAYER IN MODERATION. Keep hair close to one length. "When you overlayer it—which people mistakenly do in an attempt to create volume—you risk taking away too much bulk and actually decreasing the volume," explains Hawkins, who thinks "an angled or graduated bob that's lightly layered works beautifully."

2. COLOR SMART. Lightening your base color one or two shades "gives the look of more volume," says colorist Rita Hazan of the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. (Glazes and semipermanent dye "won't do the trick because they are stains, which actually smooth the hair even more," she says.) For women who don't want to change their color, consider using dye for texture—it ruffles the cuticle just enough to create body. In the hands of a skilled colorist, the ensuing damage is minimal—but it's still damage, so try this strategy only a few times a year to see how your hair responds.

3. REVERSE IT. Condition your hair before you shampoo, suggests Hawkins. "You'll still get the moisture and elasticity, but you'll wash out any residue that can weigh down fine hair." On days when hair is really dirty, he recommends shampooing, conditioning, and then shampooing again.

4. DRY WITH CARE. Creating volume in fine hair is like making a soufflĂ©—overwork it and the whole thing falls flat. When blow-drying, work on large sections, holding the nozzle a few inches from the hair and keeping it moving.

5. RAISE IT UP. To boost volume once the hair is dry, lift three-inch sections and allow them to drop through a mist of medium-hold hair spray, says hairstylist Jimmy Paul, "then spray your entire head with dry shampoo and scrunch; the result is hair with lift and a lovely, seemingly no-product finish." For those who hate hair spray, apply mousse to a vent brush and then to damp hair—it won't squeeze the air out of the mousse. "Coat the brush with mousse and run it through one side of your hair, then refuel and do the other side," Hawkins says.

Read another tips for Frizzy Hair, Gray Roots, Oiliness and Dandruff here

O.P.I Original Nail Envy 0.5 oz Natural Nail Strengthener

I always have problems with hair fall and weak flaky nails. My girlfriends suggested to increase Biotin (vitamin H) intake from selected brand like GHC. I haven't got any chance to consume particular vitamin cos I still have lots of jars of vitamins C, E, B12 and fish oils to go through (that my mom has purchased while ago, btw). Therefore I want to try some 'external' treatments first. 

From what I read on, 10 out of 10 people give 5 stars to O.P.I Original Nail Envy 0.5 oz Natural Nail Strengthener. So I gave it a try and expected same good things would happen to me. FYI this review is based on my experience after 6 months application.

Product: 3 out of 5
Quality: 3 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

Price: $10.98 at, IDR 210,000 at O.P.I counters nationwide.

Will I repurchase? No, cos it doesn't work very well on me. I'd like to try another brand.

What it claims:
Maximum strength formula with hydrolyzed protein and calcium helps nail grow harder, longer and stronger, and resist peeling, cracking, and splitting. Recommendation: Takes the most severely damaged nails from mush to muscle. 

- Wide brush, easy to apply.
- It does help my nails growing faster than they used to be.
- Glossy finish, you can wear it alone or as a base coat too.

- A bit pricey for me.
- It doesn't help to strengthen my nails, until 3 months usage. 
- Although it's mention above that you can use it as a base coat, you can't expect this stuff to prevent the chips. Besides most of O.P.I nail lacquers chip so bad! LOL.

I cannot guarantee that my review today will happen to be the exact things for you, cos I've seen many raves about this products. Oh well, maybe it just doesn't meant for me. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Abusive Relationship: Rihanna & Chris Brown


I'm terribly shocked after I read on Perez Hilton that the RnB superstar Rihanna was beaten, bloodied, bruised and only God knows what else Chris Brown did to her. Latest update stated that she suffered two "huge contusions" on both side of her forehead, a bloody lip and bloody nose.

Chris Brown allegedly abused his girlfriend because she had accused him for flirting with another woman. He was arrested but released after posting $50,000 bail. That's why the duo cancelled their performances at the Grammys.

Poor Rihanna. I feel bad for her.

Under this circumstances, her record label hinted that her concert tour this Friday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will be canceled. Even though the record label hasn't announced anything yet, I believe Rihanna concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, is also likely to be cancelled. In that case, Rihanna fans in Indonesia will be disappointed (again!) for the second time. The first schedule was cancelled due to travel warning.  

Oh well, I guess her big fans won't mind waiting her to get full recovery before doing another world concert. Stay strong and get well soon Rihanna! 

Source and Source 
Image courtesy: 

Personality Test: Color Checking

Just for fun. Got this from The Codys'. Most of them are supposedly TRUE (I'm referring to those compliments, LOL). Anyways, I'm sure Juinita is gonna love this! *wink*

  • You are Yellow Cheetah type, who is earnest, honest and a good natured person well liked by all those people around.
  • Nevertheless, you sometimes like to play tricks like children and therefore, often regarded to be younger than your actual age.
  • You try to live life truthfully to reach your objective, and are a person of "challenge and seek".
  • You are a born successor, and the praise you get is always more than the actual effort you have put in.
  • So you are able to reach a good position in your career, and are able to go into any occupation you wish.
  • Your natural sensitivity is brilliant; you have an excellent memory and are full of knowledge on many different fields.
  • Your flamboyant atmosphere attracts opposite sex.
  • You tend to be a person of pride and little bit self-conscious.
  • When something unexpected comes up, you can be weak.
  • But if you can work with the others and do not come up with dogmatic opinion, then ways to overcome the unexpected can be found.
  • You are prepared to spend money on hobbies, but not on something you are unconvinced.
  • You are born to be successful in society, but if you tend to be too dogmatic, then that natural fortune will get weaker.
  • You should be careful especially when you get to the middle age.
  • You are more suited, and are able to gain success by working on your own, than to work in an organization.

Interested? Find out yourself here. Quick, easy and free of charge!

Friday, February 06, 2009

An Unfinished Business

I am no Carrie Bradshaw. That's an undeniable fact. But two of us has something in common; once jilted by a dumb. Lucky her, she has a happy ending story. 

This is not a slander. This is not a heartbreak post. It may bores some of you, so no need to go through the entire post if you feel that post-breakup post is cheesy.

NOTE: I won't reveal the subject's name nor things in details cos they are subject to privacy.

What would you do if a guy who jilted you and been avoiding you for six years, in all of a sudden wants to be your forever friends?

It happened to me last week. No kidding. 
So yeah, we were pretty close back then. So what?! It never ended up as a 'relationship' anyway. Simply because he never asked.

His friend was after me aggressively and he chickened out. He disappeared like a ghost. He jilted me.

And so I moved on. Life's too short to live it just for you, baby.

Why were you so surprised when I told you that I forgave you the day you jilted me? I wondered myself.   

Recently he told me he's already engaged. Good for him. Too bad I don't give a damn anymore. EVER. What shocking me the most is, his unnecessary confession of "I loved you back then" and "You have no idea what I've been through for the last 6 years".

Well, you heard me. I forgave you long time ago. You've relieved. 

And let's just get back to reality. 

I don't want to be your friend. I don't want to give you another chance to hurt me or vice versa. 


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