Thursday, September 17, 2009

Win LUX Beauty Packs for 5 Lucky Readers!

Are you a female?

Are you confident with yourself?
Do you know how to enjoy your beauty?
Do you think you know exactly how to express your beauty?
Feeling lucky today?

If the answer is 'YES' to all questions above, then you do stand a chance to win fabulous freebies from LUX. Woo-hoo!

I'm damn excited to deliver a good news today (right on my 23rd birthday, that is)! So few weeks ago, Liza from LUX e-mailed and told me that my blog had been selected to take part in their New Campaign from all around Asia. It was very cool, wasn't it? Just who am I dare to resist? *grin*

Introducing ex-Miss World turned model turned actress Priyanka Chopra as the new international face of LUX along with the launching of LUX Peach and Cream, LUX is inviting women around the globe to star on its new YouTube channel. Through the "BEHAVING BEAUTIFULLY" campaign, LUX continues its programme encouraging women all over the world to celebrate the pleasure of enjoying their beauty.

LUX is also kindly enough to give beauty packs (only 100 were made!) to my blog readers FOR FREE.
Below is a sneak peek of what you're gonna get if you become one of the winners:

Drooling already?

So, what's the catch?
  1. Open to international readers, as long as UPS can reach you! ;-)
  2. Create a short duration video of yourself "BEHAVING BEAUTIFULLY" and upload it on YouTube.
  3. Submit your video URL on the comment section below along with your name and the country you're from.
  4. You can search for inspiration by checking out videos that have already been submitted at LUX's very own YouTube channel here.
  5. You have the liberty to show off your most glamorous, classy, unique or creative interpretations towards the theme.
  6. Pornographic contents are strictly forbidden.
  7. Check out my blog frequently to keep yourself updated since you're not required to submit your e-mail on the comment section.

The first 5 responders who submit valid video URL will automatically eligible to receive one LUX beauty pack.
So hurry up and grab your video camera!

P.S. Priyanka Chopra will personally watch your videos and leave comments on the ones she likes. I hope you're not getting nervous!


  1. What's in the box? I must ask ;)

  2. gw suka semua iklan lux yg ada mariana renata-nya.. huehe.

    btw lo msh inget gw? udh lama ga ngeblog, pgn mulai lg.. mampir2 yah.. :D

  3. @therry: I'm so sorry just be able to give you a brief reply on this!

    The box is a glossy, reusable, waxed box. It contains full sized samples of LUX soaps and LUX liquid body wash and also a puff. :)

  4. try to answer the questions above first..
    1) no, I'm not. purely male.

    so, should I continue with the next Q?

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