Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Want to Play Basketball!

"One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team,but one man CANNOT make a TEAM."Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Yesterday's afternoon experience was the best example to affirm the quote mentioned above. Tell you what, in reality it totally sucked.

Just when I thought yesterday will be my first comeback game after two consecutive years absence playing my most favorite sport of all time, there were only 3 players available; me and my two girlfriends. I couldn't get any other person who was willing to play on such short notice, especially when she didn't share the same passion towards basketball.


It was just a game, a college sports competition between freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and clinical clerkship students. I just wanted to play basketball. However the rules forbade my team to take other team's reserve players and if my team didn't have 5 players in given time, the opponent team would automatically get a win out.

Who gives a damn about win or lose title, all that matters is I at least can play. Ever since my sickness paralyzed my muscles, I've been dreaming to play basketball again with my old team. I even got myself a new pair of basketball shoes to make sure my frequent injury (left-ankle sprain, that is) won't happen again so that I could play full-time for yesterday's game. Silly me.

It ended up pretty bad when one of my girlfriends self-righteously decided to be such a prissy. She didn't back me up when I was trying to persuade some fellows and told me to accept our handicap. She said she disliked me forcing people, bla.. bla.. bla..

Duh, she was the one telling me that she wanted to play so bad in the first place and now this? WTF. Emotionally I got mad at her and left her at once. I was too upset to think with a cool head.

It was our first fight after a long time. And the funny thing is, the pattern never changes. Even though Venty, Nobi and I share the same goal towards something, we always react differently. In short label, I get the "bold" type, Nobi is the "cool/neutral/ignorant brat" and Venty is the "timid" one. LOL.

Venty and I always quarrel over something (even for the most insignificant thing) as our characters oppose each other. Luckily Nobi comes pretty handful during our catfights. I don't know how she manages to do that all the time but she always succeeded to cool our heads down.

Within seconds and few words only, she helped me to think logically. Soon after, Venty and I kissed and made up. I'm truly lucky to have met you two in this life! *crybaby* I do hope we got another chance on the second game next week! *fingers crossed*


*Basketball image is taken from here and the rest pics are from my private collections.


  1. Hi Devi.. akhirnya update blog juga.. wah keliatannya Devi jago nih basket nya hehehe..:)
    I hope the next game, you, ur girlfriends and the other fellows could make it to the best game ever ;) wish u all the best. ganbatte. ditunggu foto2 kemenangannya nanti hehehe :P

  2. Basketball is great ( though of course I like football even better), but the best is a strong bond of friendship.

    Obviously you are part of a top league friendship.

  3. Basketball is a nice game.These moments will remain forever it will never be forgotten. These are the precious moments of life with no worry at all.

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  5. You will.. I believe you will have your chance.

    And for your frequent injury, you should try ankle-support. It should help you tremendously rather than just use a good shoes. In my case I have frequent injuries, which are right-ankle sprain and left-knee sprain, and an ankle-support and knee-support mean a lot of helps for me.

    Given my knee injury, I can't take too much physical exercise in one time, even jogging could be really hurt. So I can understand your feeling. Ahh.. how I miss a football game. Anyway, I believe the rules was made for a good purpose, but in the reality those could make the game lose the fun side. Maybe you can suggest some rules changes to comittee Dev..

    Have a good game :D

  6. I could have turned pro in basketball but I decided to pursue my modeling career.

    Justin.....Justin Credible

  7. after read your post, I miss this game too. Never play basketball in this 5 years :(

  8. I miss this game too because now every afternoon I am play tennis. Basketball need team work and we can win if all the player play individually

  9. i also want to play basketball. It's very nice...,
    oh ya.., i placed your link in my homepage
    and i hope you want to put my link in your blog..
    happy blogging Indonesia..!!!


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