Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wake Up, Vote and Grab the Coffee!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you may already knew that tomorrow is the Indonesian National Election Day. There are so many parties with various visions and missions. Very confusing indeed, but I only need to choose one. Two days ago I received a snail mail from one of the legislative candidates from a certain party. I had no idea where he got my name and my address. It was a bit bizarre, especially since I don't know who he is and how he's related to me (the mail mentioned we're sorta family). Hmm..

This noon my mom also got called from a distant relative, who happens to be one of the (figured!) legislative candidates. Mom didn't promise him anything but an advice saying, "You should pray, kid. If it's the God's will then there'll you be."

Anyways, I have a good news!

(Image is captured from KOMPAS today)

In case you haven't noticed, Starbucks Coffee Indonesia will be giving away many cups of coffee (hot/iced coffee size 8 oz) for FREE! Woo-hoo! All you gotta do is show your finger print (as proof of voting) tomorrow at the nearest Starbucks outlets starting from 12 to 5 PM. Well even though it's just a cup of coffee (pretty lame for those who doesn't even like coffee like me), but hey it's not about the coffee, it's about the SPIRIT! So.. Are you ready?


  1. I absolutely have to agree with the heading over your article.

    Even if one hates coffee, Starbuck's offer is one you shouldn't refuse. As a matter of fact, the best rule of life is: never ever miss an opportunity to get something for free (of course I have my preferences like a stolen kiss over coffee to mention one).

  2. Guess d coffee house would be full of people wanting free cup !

    Heeem... who's behind this ?
    Do the government and this shop have some kind of arrangement to succed this election ?

    *the hell, lets go to sip d hot FREE coffe ;)*

  3. so today, ke TPS ga dev? gimana trus uda dapet coffee starbuck nya?;)

  4. I think that's good compensation when you got headache, so that delicious fragrant black coffee might reduce it immediately :D

    Long life Indonesia! (or Starbucks?)

  5. @colson: LOL. Yeah, besides who doesn't love freebies? :P

    @ceritaeka: who's behind this? No idea! :)

    @Alice: nyontreng donk! Hehehe.. Cuma ga nge-claim ke Starbucks, males..pasti antrinya panjang deh hahaha..

    @Darin: really? I dunno that black coffee can actually cure headache LOL.


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