Sunday, April 12, 2009

Story Behind The New Template

Greetings to all my faithful readers,

I'm sure you've been noticed the significant changes here in my blog and I really hope you're gonna like it. *fingers crossed*

Actually it was an accident LOL! Few days ago I had been looking for a new template cos I was kinda bored with the old one. Besides, three blogger friends I know have already changed theirs so basically I was pretty much impulsive to do the same. With the help of Google Almighty, I stuck in few websites that offers plenty cute Blogger templates.

Of course in order to see which one I like better in result, I applied every single template which fits what I want into this blog; white, simple, clean and neat. My idealism believes that if I want to make the contents more visible, I need to throw a plain blog design. More less.

I did everything I was supposed to do but apparently I forgot to backup the old template! Well I was being such a smart-ass; instead of downloading full (the old) template, what I did is simply copy and paste the HTML - which is very stupid cos in that case, you won't save the whole blog accessories. *sigh*

Therry said she likes the old one better cos it represents me more, which I'm not sure I follow. Maybe I should ask her again one more time what exactly she was trying to say, LOL.

Please let me know what you think by submitting comments below and take the poll on the top of the left sidebar! Thank you. XOXO


  1. I think this template is more masculine than before. Is this your new self-presentation? i don't know, but I must say here it looks like more professional one. I vote 'YES', and keep it up, Devi!

  2. @Darin: masculine? :( Well that's not the response I expected LOL! Self-presentation? Hmm, maybe I just wish to be taken seriously (blogwise). :D Thanks anyway!

  3. This template is great. It's clean and it's easy to navigate :)

  4. So you more or less got this template accidentally? That's almost a case of serependity, isn't it?

    Anyhow, the result is good!

  5. @the writer: thank you! :)

    @Jerry: indeed! Thanks. Anyway how come I cannot view your blog?

  6. I like your new template. It's more futuristic than before that so girly :D

    Keep up the good work dev :)

  7. Hm...I like this new one. More mature.
    So .. are you trying to left behind your girlish things ?

    Whatever template that you choose, as long as you feel comfortable for it, I'll always follow you :-p

  8. Glad you like my templates ;-)

  9. We all blog for different reasons, we all chose templates to suit our personality. From what you write, this seems to fit you, great. It is clear and easy to navigate. Masculine, never (mind you, I never saw your previous one). My only criticism of a three column with the sidebars each side is it's a bit like being at a tennis match, your eyes are darting right and left so as not to miss anything. I have a three column on one of my blogs, the two sidebars are on the right, and don't seem to produce this effect. You're welcome to check The Tomus Arcanum out and see.

    Good luck, nice blog.


  10. hey babes!!!
    i like this one better than the old one. it's just so clean..
    ma pakabar bu? kangen gak lo ma gue? kangen kan? kangen yah!! (najis, geer bgt gw lol)

  11. Dev, I personally LOVE this template more than the previous one. It's cleaner and simpler, it's easier on the eyes too in terms of colour. But then again, you know me. hihihi, I'm like everything to be simple :)

    Happy Easter!

  12. Love it.. but I love the pinky one more. Maybe you can change the color of this template to your liking.. to pink again maybe.. or orange?? *grin*

  13. nica, clean and sleek design..
    comfortable to read, *two thumbs ups*

  14. I found your articles so interesting and I've enjoyed reading. I will put your link to my blog, or wanna exchange link with me?


  15. dev.. no tagboard yah?
    if you're going for the more not so cutesy look this works..this blog looks professional :)
    happy easter juga!

  16. @tere616: awww, you're so sweet! *smooches*

    @Lawny: thanks to you! Anyway I have some questions regarding the template. I'll send you an e-mail, if you don't mind :D

    @Argentum Vulgaris: I feel the same way too at first (the tennis match thingie, that is)! However it should be okay when you read the content seriously LOL!

    @rima fauzi: hahaha iyah KANGEN BANGET! Sombong banget sih lo ga mampir2 :P

    @adya.joko: thank you! :)

    @dee: pinky boy! :P

    @arielz: thanks!

    @Iwan Rachmanto: glad to hear that. Don't forget to visit here more often! :)

    @iReNe: ada kok dibawah, you need to scroll down up till the bottom end :)

  17. maybe black glossy background in the shoutbox
    and maybe some header change so it would stand out from rest of the blog using the same template
    just a suggestion though, the content is the most important part

  18. @mare: ah you're right! Thanks for the tips! I don't know how to change the header though without misfitting the default one LOL. I'm gonna ask Lawny to get some directions. Have a nice day! :)

  19. Is it pinky or thumb?? :P

    Anyway.. for your consideration I'm more to orange boy than pinky one *LOL*

  20. Jauh lebih bagus dari yang dulu Dev.
    Demen gue :)


  21. hi dev.. yg ini keliatan lebih professional gitu.. kalo yg pinky2 kan lebih girly dan remaja huehue^^ itu menurutku lho.. tp bagus juga template yg ini..

  22. I think the old one suited your personality more, which is funny, bubbly and girly :) this one is plain and simple, and I agree with Mare, perhaps you can spice up the header a bit, make it stand out more? Just my opinion :)


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