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Intimate Feminine Wash: Take It or Leave It?

A while back, my girlfriend recommended a local brand of an intimate feminine wash to me when I was ranting about how nasty my campus' toilet was. She preached on how important to maintain our genital hygiene.. (bla bla bla..) and she actually had me wanted to buy one!

But still, I needed a second opinion before purchasing. Hence I asked every female college mates I saw at that day in case there was another loyal consumer (with a good testimonial) to convince me. I instead got bad news.

One of my college mates told me that her mom suffered from cervical benign tumor and had it surgically removed twice few years ago. The second time she was about to undergo the surgery, her gynecologist asked her if she ever used any feminine wash and apparently she did, on regular basis. After listening to the gyn.'s explanation, she immediately trashed all the bottles of the feminine wash she had.

Apparently there's not so many cases reported to have something to do with feminine wash in Google. I found one case from myhealthblog.org; a 20-year-old female was sick all the time and once had a miscarriage because she was addicted to feminine wash. She bought all brands of feminine wash and used it every time she peed.

Up till now, I admit I haven't found any scientific research to confirm that the intimate feminine wash may lead to cancer or any other adverse reactions. I'll keep you posted if there's any. For the record, the Environmental Working Group on cosmeticsdatabase.com classifies one of American brand feminine wash as moderately hazard cos ingredients in the product are linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, allergies/immunotoxicity, violations, restrictions and warnings.

What makes me feel the urge to submit this topic in my blog is because a friendly internist, who is also one of my freakin' smart lecturers, shared a case about this feminine wash but she couldn't do anything about it. She couldn't stop people from buying until they come to her as patients seeking for help.

Apart from what the ads tell you, the chemical ingredients in feminine wash products can actually upset the naturally occurring bacterial flora in your vagina and make you more prone to infections. They want you to ignore the fact that the vagina has a self-cleaning system and some odor can be a normal part of the cleaning process. The vagina cleans itself in part through vaginal secretions, or leucorrhea, which range from thick and white-ish to slippery and clear. If you notice something out of the ordinary for you, you should see your health care provider.

It's inevitable that modern day women have been persuaded by massive healthcare and sanitary products advertisements on the mass media that merely focus on embarrassing female problems.

After the era of instant whitening creams, pharmaceutical companies have been trying to convince us that women need a special soap to keep their genitals clean and fresh with the right pH and natural antiseptic. They want us to believe that unpleasant 'fishy' vaginal odor is one of the problems affecting the lives of many women so that we can all jump on the bandwagon of feminine freshness.

I'm not trying to oppose capitalism whatsoever here. All I want is you being a smart consumer regardless how consumptive you are or how much money you have.

Believe it or not, most women often live in insecurity. They have huge fear of weights, skin tones, zits, wrinkles, body odor, unwanted hair on some parts of the body, you name it. I can't deny that I used to be one of them and still is, LOL. Lucky me, my life is surrounded by great people that keeping me sane I can turn myself to if I have any questions related to health and well-being. *wink* 

Added later on April 8, 2009 at 6 AM: Here's my tip; never forget to carry around tissue paper wherever you go cos you'll never know when you're gonna end up in nasty toilets. I personally carry both dry and wet tissue in my purse all the time. HTH.

P.S. Hopefully my clean-freak girlfriend who loves to carry around a travel size of a feminine wash will somehow get to read this.

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  1. gue pemakai feminine wash sehari dua kali. gak setiap kali pee lah, gile, bisa kering kale. hahahaha

    tapi gue pernah dulu, pas smp ga pernah pake feminine wash. ya begitu aja, biasa2 aja. sampe ada jamur di v gue. sejak gue pake feminine wash, ya itu tidak muncul lagi. so it's a little controversial ya.

    kalo gue sih, make tapi tidak se-frequent penggunaan temen lo. :)

  2. bengong...

    *gak paham sih gw hahaha...

  3. I believe anything au-naturale is better than anything industrial-machine-man-made...

    Most women might buy feminine wash probably due to the mass media ads and as women.. we surely love to try things out, but never really thought of the consequences.

    Same principle with "anything that is excessive is never good" should be applied to whatever things you are putting on and into your body, rite?

    So I guess as consumers, we must be more aware to what products can do to our body.

    Apart from that, if women are still using feminine wash, it is entirely up to them.

    I guess public education on sexual hygiene should be one of the main concerns apart from sex education to prevent further cases such as your friend's mom cervical benign tumor or the comment about the 'jamur' from the anonymous user.

  4. You know, that's the difficulty about Feminine Wash, no one can really say if its good or bad...so it's difficult! Thanks for the wonderful post, I am a daily feminine wash user..it's enlightening for me!

  5. @Anonymous #1: thanks for sharing. Tanpa bermaksud sinis, dulu semua orang bilang whitening cream yg mengandung mercury dan hydroquinon itu bagus karena cepat mutihin kulit wajah (di Eropa whitening cream dgn 2 bahan aktif tsb legal sampai 2001) padahal penelitian (dan warning)nya uda muncul dari awal 90an. Cancer doesn't grow overnight. It takes years to support the research when funds are no longer problem. Tapi balik lagi, it's YOU the only one that can decide what's best for yourself.

    @boy: at least you can share this with your girlfriends :)

    @Anonymous #2: true. As mentioned earlier, I know I can't stop people from consuming the products without scientific evidence. It's my moral obligation to share my knowledge with others and of course, you can always choose either to ignore or not.

    @Askmewhats: my pleasure, Nikki! :)

  6. Reading your post, i realized that there is another difficulties to be a woman:
    Resistance from Ads ;)

  7. wah jadi takut nih.. btw, dev recommend salah satu brand feminine hygine yg bagus dunk.. mau coba pake ah, abis gw juga merasa byk toilet jorok.. jadi takut.. recommend ya...

  8. No comment for this post :).

  9. Ssssshhhhhhh puas deh liat gambar seksinya

  10. @Avante: women need shopping, shopping needs money, money comes from the MEN aka the suga'daddies. Beware! :P

    @Alice: it's totally not recommended, 'say'.. :)

    @Mr Bien: such a perv! :P LOLz.

  11. Hi Devi,

    First visit here. Dengan cara tradisional minum jamu Beras Kencur juga membantu banget.

    Thanks for the complete info.

  12. @Lorraine: you're welcome :) I hope you'll be visiting more often :D

  13. Hello, I can't disagree more. if you are talking about external feminine wash - this will not heart your body or will not cause any cancer or abortion. it's simply cleans down there. there are many natural products that will not harm any body if you use it properly and its not merly the add or drug stores. there are great products out there that can really help many womens that are suffering from all kind of problems down there and embrass to talk about it, even with their physician, so why denay the wash from them? as you said you don't have any syntific fact that approve your assumptions, so the mother of your friend might had the cancer from otehr reasons or the product she was usinsg was really a cheap and bad one. you can always use the ones that re almose medical but still have natural ingrediants such as intimore products for exapmle (which are great) or any product with sea buckthorn oil which is really antispetics. the intimore products they also have wet tissues you suggeted that contain natural ingrediants and also great.

    and last thing - thank you for getting the awarness to this issue.

  14. You should recommend she try Femanol. It is a great product that really works.

  15. nice english u got there . Well written

  16. I think Magiray Cosemetics has a his/hers line with a foam wash that is safe to use as an external feminine wash. It is soap free and has seabuckthorn in it. I use that.

  17. Kirain orang bule yg bikin artikel ini. Bagus banget bhs Inggrisnya. Saya lagi keputihan nih... dan suami blg "jangan pake feminine wash" dan beliau nyuruh saya googling. Nah FYI, postingan Anda ini nongkrong di list pertama google search untuk keywords [downside feminine wash]. Mungkin saya masih akan pake, mungkin seminggu dua kali lah. Gimana menurut kamU?


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