Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In The Bus, Part 2


Before I took my first bus riding, my baby brother had given me advice to dress properly. I didn't even know there was a dresscode for riding a bus!

Andrew: "You need to dress down if you want to take a bus."
Me: "Dress down?"
Andrew: "Yes, like a slumdog."
Me: "WTF?! What is that supposed to mean?"
Andrew: "I mean casual. Put on your jeans instead of skirts, take off your heels, no make-up. You have to leave your fancy purse for a while and start with a backpack... unless you want to attract some crooks."
Me: "I am casual."
Andrew: "ZzzZzZZzz @#$%^&*"
Me: "LOL!"

I did everything he (and my mom) told me except for the heels. Perhaps I was too naive that a bus would've actually stopped for me. That afternoon was unforgettable. I was too tired to move my own feet after standing on the bus for the whole an hour zig-zag trip and suddenly the conductor asked me to jump when the bus was slowing down? Arrghh!! I couldn't argue with him so I just hoped I wouldn't break a leg (and my 2-inch heels) when I landed.

So I was lucky indeed I could keep my balance and didn't fall off. But dammit, the heels were in a good shape but my right ankle was sprained. I kept telling myself "NO MORE HEELS ON BUS" ever since.


  1. bwahahahaha....jadi inget jaman gw gawe dev, dandan abis, rok mini, hak tinggi, padahal jaraknya depok-medan merdeka!!! kebayang gak?! hahahaha

  2. I agree too!!!!!
    I'm too scared to catch a bus because I might have to jump off while the bus is still moving.
    I sometimes see people having to jump off in the middle of the street amongst traffic as well.
    I think I will stick to taxis and Baja's!

  3. dev, 2-inch heels tu brp cm yah?

  4. so true! When you explained about the zigzag bus and asking you to jump off the bus while the bus is still moving reminds me of my country! LOL I am lucky not to take the bus to work as we have an FX (service) If I'll be taking a bus, I will definitely "dress down" as what your bro suggested! LOL But not like Slumdog! hahahaha

  5. Sooo ?? did the jump break ur kitten heels ?

  6. @novnov: hahaha, mantap!! Btw medan merdeka? Lo kerja di istana bokk? Emang gak ada bus pegawai? :P

    @Jen Jen: well for a long ride, it's a lot cheaper using bus. Anyway it's 'Bajaj' :)

    @Alice: 1 inch itu sekitar 2.5 cm, jadi heels gw kira2 5 cm-an deh hihihi..

    @ceritaeka: nope but I got my ankle sprained :(

  7. @Askmewhats: oops, I missed yours. Ah I'm so jealous! I wish I had one FX too! Well no matter how you dress down, you won't end up looking like a slumdog. You're too pretty :D

  8. I'm casual too. Instead make over my dressing I just wear that rumpled t-shirt and unkempt's more comfortable for skinny guy like me..and ups don't forget to take the hat to cover gray hairs *LOL*

  9. haha okay, so make up with hi heels is ur casual style dev? obviously dressing down doesnt mean dress like slumdogs, thats just too dramatic right? ^^

  10. Public transport in most parts of the world is far from being great.

    So I sympathize with you. Though about this this specific inconvenience of life...

    Among the few advantages of being a man is, apart from the impossibility of a pregnancy, at least this one: no torture by high heels but for the peculiar people who really want to be a transvestite (either on stage or in real life).

  11. Ouch.. sprained ankle with 2 inch heels.. I'm flinching on my seat now :p

  12. @Darin: that's cool!

    @Wiwin Lee: hehe, the real word in my Bahasa conversation was "lusuh" but I don't know why I chose "slumdog" over "shabby" LOLz!

    @colson: yeah sometimes I envy males for their lack of options in clothing and footwear. Sometimes, but for most of the time I enjoy my given life as a female. *chuckled*

    @dee: you bet that's effin' hurt!

  13. LOL. You remind me of the days when I used to work in Thamrin and had to travel by bus from Bekasi. I can't remember how many flat-heeled shoes I've broken in the process of traveling :D


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