Sunday, March 15, 2009

On Link Exchange

After finding this and this (both in Bahasa) on Anti Teori blog, I think it's an interesting topic to start a discussion.

As you all know, bloggers often do link exchange with others to promote their blogs and attract more people to boost the blog traffic. I honestly don't mind to do a "link exchange" with other bloggers, regardless you are newbie or "old players". LOL. Even sometimes if I love someone's blog, I tend to link it without exchange; simply because I enjoy reading the blog.

However, I have my own terms and conditions on doing link exchange. It's true that I once refused (just like the post above mentioned) to do another link exchange due to high demand. It was flattering to see lots of bloggers asking for a link exchange with mine, unfortunately most of them were spam blogs. So I decided to prevent another spam blog request, I had to open an ad space which didn't work really well (but it did stop the bad requests). Tee-hee.

I admit there are some benefits I've gotten from doing link exchange; including blog traffic and also have online turned offline blogger friends. You'll be very surprised to see that a person you know from cyber world may end up as your forever friend. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, by the end of this post, I'd like to announce that the links section on the sidebar is undergoing rigorous CLEANING process. For those who haven't updated in over a month, the blog has been deleted/removed or I can't find any link to my blog then it shall automatically be removed from mine. I'm still taking new links nonetheless, but please read carefully my terms and conditions before you submit your link request.  

  • I basically accept any kind of blogs (in Bahasa or English) e.g. personal blogs, movies, reviews, fashion, beauty, etc. However I don't accept SPAM BLOGS. Sorry. Based on my experience, accepting one spam blog will bring lots of another spam blogs requests and they were so annoying.
  • Newbies are welcome, as long as you have at least 3 months recent archives in your blogs.
  • I like to be linked under the title of my own name "Devi Girsang" better than "It's My Life".
  • As much as you enjoy requesting link exchange on comments section or shoutbox, please kindly submit your request and introduce yourself a bit to me by e-mail. I promise to get back to you ASAP.

Fair enough? :-)

*Image is taken from here


  1. Kalau aku jarang sekali meminta untuk tukeran link atau sejenisnya. Kalau aku suka suatu blog ya aku langsung add saja di google reader-ku. Kalau inget, ya langsung dipajang linknya diblog tanpa meminta ijin terlebih dahulu kepada si empunya blog.

    Tapi, kalau ada yang ngelink aku, ya aku link balik. Ehm.. Masih ada catatan sih selama aku suka blognya dan dia termasuk teman blogger. Kalau baru sekali mampir atau jarang berinteraksi, lantas dia ujug2 minta tukeran link, well I'm sorry to say "No" for his/her request.

  2. @bloggerbercerita: hoho, berat yah syarat2nya klo mau minta link exchange ama Kimi :P

  3. Hi Devi! Fair enough! I'll change the link name to Devi Girsang from now on :)

  4. I like to be linked under the title of my own name "Devi Girsang" better than "It's My Life".

    --> punya gw ganti juga dong;)

  5. Ooh, but I can't change the name under the blogger's own feed though. They insist on doing "It's my life". I hope you don't mind :)

  6. Boooo!!!

    I hate those spam blog requests too, sometimes I get them in my cbox even! GRRRRR!!!

  7. @Askmewhats: awww thanks Nikki! What about you? Do you want to be kept as Nikki or Askmewhats? Which one do you like better? Let me know! :)

    @boy: oh hahaha, mau diganti jadi apa? Boy? Abis lo diem2 ajee :P Hihihi..

    @the writer: I'm cool with that! :) Actually I make the T&C for the new upcoming requests :D

    @Kimberly Tia: I feel you! Well, it's just an inevitable things on the internet, huh! Even my e-mails can never be free from spammers, LOLz.

  8. On comments, I'd love to read NIKKI but on blogroll, I don't mind Askmewhats or Nikki :) It's ok, thanks for asking :)

  9. karena lo nulis post ini, makanya gw baru kepikiran.

    ganti boy aja deh :)

  10. link exchange
    add me up too

  11. @Askmewhats: sure. Thanks for letting me know :)

    @boy: hehe ok deh, ditunggu yah..

    @mare: I'll get back to you later, ok!

  12. Fair, fair enough :)
    I agree with ur opinion: 'I tend to link it without exchange, simply because I enjoy reading the blog'.
    That's what I do now. I don't give a damn whether you link me or not *LOL*

    That's a reason why we all called bloggers, not LINKERS!

    Yo, happy blogging everyone here..

  13. Dear, Care about link exchange? You Blog Very Nice I already linked back, Please link back me. Have a great day

  14. devi when are u going to video blog?

    Justin....Justin Credible

  15. Is this a sign that you've become so popular you've got requests from all over the world to exchange links? Superb! :)

  16. I feel ya! I'm trying to clean up my links also, gotta watch out for the shady blog spammers >_<

  17. Oh I changed your blog title on my blogroll to Devi Girsang :)

  18. @Dendy Darin: you got that right! We indeed are bloggers, not linkers! :D

    @Justin: they're coming soon! ;)

    @Finally Woken: *blushing*

    @Kendall: thanks Ms.K! *hugs*

  19. Yeah, I prefer link exchange with REAL bloggers with REAL content, not with those monetized-blogs.

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