Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Semester, New Spirits

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Campus life has been keeping me busy since the beginning of the month. But no need to worry, this post wasn't planned to insinuate this blog's hibernation mode. There are plenty things in my mind but I haven't got the perfect (spare) time to write them all on this blog, which include some of my school materials. *grin*

Last Monday was my first day of a new semester. I've been struggling to keep pace with what I once left behind (due to health reasons) and so far, it has forced me out from my comfort zone.

From Monday to Friday (and Saturday, sometimes) my routine is all about reviewing lessons of the day, taking nap when I'm done with the reviewing part, taking shower and dinner, reading topics for the following day before going to bed. I do it everyday back and forth without trying to be a whiner. Whatever it takes to be the next Nobel Prize winner, baby! LOLz.

Have a splendid long weekend, guys! Stay happy and healthy.

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  1. happy long weekend dev :)
    and enjoy the new semester hehehe

  2. happy long weekend to u, too... :)

    it's holiday, forget all that reviewing lesson thing. :D *racun*

  3. Thanks yah Jude, bloggerbercerita! Have a nice long weekend to both of you too! :-)

    @bloggerbercerita: figured. LOLz!


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