Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kickin' It Old School

Once I had a wish that my high school uniforms would be more stylish a bit, like those Japanese girls. I didn't complain for the knee-length socks, but I had wished that my headmistress would reconsider white socks as an optional. And since I'm grown up with these two huge calves, I always think that black socks might do me a big favor.

Rhinestoned purple dress from MPFD, 
Two-layer red necklace bought from my GF, 
LeSportSac handbag,
Socks from Debenhams,
and Red flats from North Star.


  1. deviiii kerennnn..!!
    gue juga pengen pake hi knee socks gitu tapi gakk bisa nanti malah betis gue makin guedeeee hueheheuhe

  2. @jude: thanks ya Jude.. *blushing* Hehhh??!! Ga salah, lo kurus begitu, gedean betis gw kaleee... nyindir yehh?! Hahahaha...

  3. I miss my highschool uniform. I should of kept it... It probably wouldn't fit! lol!

  4. Thanks Kimberly Tia, Askmewhats! :)

    @Kendall: LOLz. I didn't keep it too but I always love to dress up like schoolgirls LOLz!!

  5. @boy: LOLz, neah, it's not a gothic! :P (not even close! LOL)

  6. Wow Dev, tadinya gw pikir foto siapa, ternyata Devi, keren tuh :)

  7. @seezqo: hehe, thanks yah :)

  8. Quite close to Japanese high school uniform style :-)

    LOL .. can't imagine if am wearing that outfit.

  9. @tere616: awwww, thank you! *blushing*


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