Friday, March 20, 2009

How Often Do You Say ‘Thank You’?

A classmate of mine grumbled and told me this afternoon about how ungrateful other classmates have been to her as the class captain. People always treat her badly, both classmates and lecturers, by complaining at her about everything; especially when it comes to class cancellation.

She never had a proper vote to be appointed as a class captain, but she has been acting like one from the beginning of the semester. I know it wasn’t her fault; she was just basically being nice and took the initiative. But it seems that nobody cares or even notices about it. Nobody but me. Maybe that would explain why she talked to me.

Today the lecturer canceled the Internal Medicine class in such a short notice. Damn! That was the only reason I spent an hour to get into the campus! Oh well, I wasn’t surprise. It wasn’t the first time.

Before heading home, I saw her trying to spread the news by texting everyone (yes, every single person!) who takes the class. It was intrigued me to ask her why and suggest her to put an announcement in a piece of paper instead. I thought it’s much more simple and costs no money. She bluntly refused the idea.

Truth be told.

She has been doing everything in her power to be a good captain but nobody appreciates it. I know she always sends texts to let others know about new handouts or subjects for the following day. Most of the time I replied the texts to say 'Thank You' (for the info) since I’m kinda thankful person. I used to thank a lot, I don't know why. Even if I forget to text her back, I always thank her whenever I meet her at campus. Once she said to me, "Thanks for what? You already said that before" and so I thought she has no big deal about this 'Thank You' stuff.

Apparently I was wrong.

Deep down she wants her classmates to kindly reply her text and say 'Thank You'. She needs acknowledgments even though she rarely mentions it. She won’t ask for it, but she just wants you to be well-mannered. Well, hopefully her wish comes true. She deserves it, don't you think?

I can't help wondering though... How often do you say 'Thank You'? Do you thank your friends, even for a simple task? What about the waiters/waitresses? The parking attendants? The doorman? The housemaid? Tell me.

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  1. I try to say it as often as I could remember. My boyfriend and I also try to say it to each other for every single thing we do to each other, no matter how small it is. It's to make sure that we won't feel bad, unappreciated or other negative things. It's a little bit superficial, but it works :P

  2. thank you Devi for keep on blog writing :)

  3. I say Thank You ALL THE TIME! I don't care who I am talking to I even thank my own mom and dad! LOL I appreciate if people say Thank you too! It's simple but it gives a big impact knowing people appreciate you for your effort :)

  4. kalau gw, alhamdulillah masih bisa bilang terima kasih sama siapapun dan sekecil apapun bantuan yang udah di berikan :)

  5. I think Indonesians are rude. Yes, rude!

    Here's the proof:
    Rude Indonesians

    Oh and another thing, Indonesians are not used to receive compliments, they always try to say it doesn't matter, just like your friend ask, "thank you for what?" while she could politely accepts it and say it's no problem....

  6. Haha,
    THANKS for being a reminder :)

    little suggestions for your friends, Dev. Be though! You won't die because there wasn't enough appreciate for the efforts but at least u got one.

    U just got in a bad time n in a bad place. Maybe u should said "Jakartans are rude"

  7. Well, even to my helper, thank you is there. I always told my daughters to use "Help" for ask and "Thank You" for their help.

    But the most important thing is Thank You should come from within. By then, thank you will come easily.

    Like the compliment that you've given to your friend, as finallywoken said, she should replied by saying thank you for the compliment :-)

  8. @Avante: what do you mean just Jakartans? I lived in 3 different cities in Indonesia for my entire life before moving elsewhere. I can say people in big cities are rude regardless whether they're Jakartans or not.

  9. I feel sorry for your friend but she is also a stubborn one not to take your advice (the one where you asked her to put an announcement on paper instead of texting everyone).

    Nevertheless, she must be glad she has a friend like you, who is much more appreciative than the others.

    I think people tend to be less appreciative these days, not only by saying thank you to others but also by being thankful with their lives. People are generally always unsatisfied with everything, and they tend to complain a lot.

    This is when they stop saying thank you - they think nothing is ever enough. It's when they've lost the people who've made their lives easier that they realise how ungrateful they've been :)

  10. nice post, thanks you dev for posting this ;) Currently i learn to say thank you to my mom, sometimes i forget what she has done, and always took it as granted.

  11. @the writer: ah, now I know why he gave you a very nice gift on your anniversary! (LOLz) Just kidding :D

    @Askmewhats: WELL DONE! :) point taken. Maybe you're right; Indonesians often pretend to be nice without expecting any compliments when in fact they really want to. That's so weird.

    @Avante: my pleasure.

    @tere616: she could've said it. Well, at least I've done my part :)

    @therry: totally agree with you, girl! Why do all good things come to an end to make people realize? How sad.

  12. Say thank you to her, people!

  13. Suddenly remember this from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
    It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.

    I think the most important thing isn't how often we say thank you, but how sincere when we say thank you. Anyway this post make me realize how ungrateful I am with life recently. Thanks for the good post Dev.

  14. I could not agree more that people in Jkt are very very rude:) Regardless the educated or the non-educated ones, not to mention the girls that work in stores. They're not willing to go the extra miles to help you to find what you're looking for.
    Having living abroad for more than 20 yrs I really can see the different that indonesian don't appreciate other people.
    I can simply say that they are ignorant.


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