Monday, March 09, 2009

Help Nila to Get The Best Job in The World!

I saw it first on and immediately recognized her from the pics! She is Nila Tanzil, a former TV host of "Melancong Yuk!" on SCTV who currently works and lives in Singapore. Even though I don't know her in person, I love to visit her blog occasionally cos her traveling experience fascinates me the most! She's only 32 but she has already travelled to 18 countries in the world. What a true traveler!

Recently she is chosen as one of the Top 50 Candidates to get The Best Job In The World. Wow! I'm so proud of her! Moreover, the fact that she's the one and only Indonesian on the Top 50 makes me proud even more.

This is the time to show your supports, guys! Help her to prove that Indonesian people can actually do something good promote Indonesia Tourism to the world . It's very easy and painless; all you have to do is submitting your vote for her here. HURRY! 15 days left before it's officially closed.

Check out her application video below!


  1. waahh... makasih ya udah dibikin postingan sendiri di blogmu... ^-^ u're so sweet!!! xxx

  2. Dev, i heart nila's blog. terutama beach travelling nya, wah bagusss banget ^^. Your recommendation about nila is really worth to try ;)

  3. @nila tanzil: you go, girl! :)

    @Alice: emberrrr! Glad you like it ;-)

  4. Ah, you already wrote it...
    I already voted for her and just wanna spread it in my blog.

    But considering my blog in alexa rank... Hmm, maybe just a waste :p

  5. I know her blog. Her post of Malaysian tourism, her life. I love her blog and it's been a long time since my last visit to hers. Will vote for her, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing Dev :-)

  6. I've already voted her. Go Nila....

  7. Thanks for your votes guys (on behalf of Nila)! :-)

    @Avante: yeah, I was totally excited when I heard the news that I wanted to spread it (on my blog) immediately! :D Heyy, you cannot measure your blog only by Alexa, you have lots of visitors too!

    @tere616: you're most welcome.

  8. Okay, she's great. And if she's the lucky one I will congratulate both my daughters in law ( they are Indonesian nationals).

    But what about Magali ( and Iris (

    I guess my patriotic duty leaves me no choice but to vote for Magali from Amsterdam or Iris from Utrecht.

    And probably Iris it will be - I don't know her, never met her, but from where I live she is almost a neighbour.

  9. Langsung ke TeKaPe. Ikutan vote. Mudah2an berguna :D

  10. @colson: of course it's alright. It's not like I'm threatening you to vote mine. *chuckled* :P

  11. dev, ini yang buat di aussie itu yak ?
    gue ga bisa liat yutubnyaaa, inet gue lemoooottt... :(

  12. @ngelzz: yah, sayang banget donk. Iya buat yang di Aussie itu hehehe..

  13. I voted for Nila!!!

    Great post, Devi, although it is quite questionable to claim that someone is a 'true traveller' just because she has visited 18 countries by the time she's 32.

    I think Nila is a great traveller, and most people out there would kill for what she has experienced. It's just that for someone to be considered a 'true traveller', IMHO we need so much more than just visiting 18 countries. I've visited 32 countries before I turned 20 and I consider myself quite a frequent traveller, but to be considered a true traveller, you probably have to compare yourself with the likes of Marco Polo or at least, Michael Palin (LOL)

    We shouldn't say that if we've been to country X, Y, and Z, it really means that we've BEEN there...I mean BEEN BEEN there. It depends on how much area we've covered in that particular country, how much we've learned from them, how much we identify ourselves with their culture, and so on and so forth. Being a frequent traveller yourself, I'm sure that you're aware that travelling is a complicated, painstaking, and very expensive art.

    Forgive me if I'm over-criticizing, I'm an a**hole, I know that - apparently I'm a super perfectionist who pick on every little mistake someone else makes, but never realize my own (or as the old Indonesian proverb says, "Semut di seberang sungai nampak, tapi gajah di pelupuk mata pun tak nampak". Heehee).

    Anyway, thanks for dropping a comment on my blog, and please, retaliate and criticize me! LOL (I'll be reading your great blog from now on)!

    Let me also take this opportunity to thank you for writing such an enviable blog. I've only skimmed through your contents, and I can feel that we share lots of common views and tastes! Nice knowing your blog!

  14. @Erique Fat Owl: hi Erik, thanks for dropping by and leaving some constructive comments! :)

    Ah point taken! Thanks for the correction regarding the definition of "true traveler". I'll keep that in mind :D


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