Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend Blast

My internet connection has sucked for the last couple of days ergo sorry for the late updates. Apart from internet connection trouble, I had a splendid weekend!

On Monday,
Jan 26, 2009, I have been told that I win the Word Snake Competition! Yay!

The prize is actually a 
Thesaurus only. However since Ibu Guru Nana knows that I'm a med school student, she deliberately gives me a Medical Dictionary as an addition! Both were nicely wrapped in a scented silver gift bag. So sweet!

She's also a nice charming lady in person, too. We agreed to meet each other at Wetiga that located near DagDigDug headquarter on Friday night. It was fun and delightful, but too bad I couldn't stay up till late. I'm a 22-going-23 girl whose life are still placed under curfew. (FYI: In Indonesia, it's a common thing to live with your parents as long as you're still single --however in some particular cases, even after you get married you're still allowed to do so.)

Nana is one of senior bloggers and seemed very familiar with others. She cordially introduced me to several senior bloggers (that I couldn't remember all the names) and laughed most of the time, made me pretty comfy to join the circle. 

Before I went back home, I met Herman Saksono just in time! OMG he's sooo cute! *jaw-dropping*. Enough said. 

Looking forward to meeting you again, Ibu Guru! 

On Sunday,
Feb 1, 2009 - I had a "Female Bloggers Land Coffee" with Anita, Therry, Ecky, Juinita and Parvita at Cazbar, Mega Kuningan. 

It was my very first time meeting those bodacious ladies. At first I was pretty nervous about what to say, but thanks to Therry and Anita that broke the ice so quick! 

Last but not least, I cannot agree more with Parvita saying that "we should do this more often!". Yeah, count me in! *wink*


  1. senior itu artinya tua yah? hhihihihi

    nice to meet you too dev! we should do it more often... ;)

  2. kalau nana senior, terus aku apa dong? *cari semir rambut*

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  4. kok kita nggak ketemu, ya? aku jg di wetiga lo..

  5. APAAAAA...???!!!
    MOMON CUTE....???!!!!



  6. iya koq gak ketemu yah ? padahal aku ngobrol sama nananias dan tito juga. Kamu yang sebelah mana ????

    @tikabanget terdengar seperti sedang cemburu...

  7. sepertinya seru gamenya..
    jadinya lo isi apa? sepanjang apa rantai kata2nya?

  8. choro [rasa] @suprie cemburu karena @tikabanget cemburu karena @hermansaksono dibilang kiyut oleh devigersang.

  9. Herman itu cubitable . .silahkan dicubit sepuasnya

  10. @nananias: ahhh ga juga kok, hehehe.. Nice to meet you too! Sure, and definitely longer! :D

    @ndoro kakung: ndoro kan pioneer?! ;-)

    @zam: aku cuma sebentar di wetiga, ga sampe sejam kayaknya. Maybe next time? :)

    @tikabanget: salah ya? LOL.

    @suprie: di deket pagar, depan markas dagdigdug... Ga sempet ketemuan ya? Lain kali bolehhh :D

    @boy: aduh gw cuma naro sedikit; one - earth - have - each - havoc - children - naughty - yacht - trousers - sunday - yawn - november - record - death - hill - love - escape - errand - dove - equal - lamb - bottle - echo - over - raisin - numb - black - key - yell - lost - trap - paint - toy - yes - short - tall - limb - bald - dictionary - yum - mother - rope - easter - rock - kill - leap - patron - nice - elephant - toddler - rain - night - tips - shirt - thumb - boss - sober - rude - eastern - niche - eagle - eager - rob - busy - yabber - rabbit - think - kitten - no - opera - and - dolphin - nap - patriot - tease - eat - tube - elementary - year - rich - hunchback - kaiser - rose - ebony - yield - discover - rainbow - watch - hitch - holy - yare - emotion - nail - loop - prince - elope - equestrian - near - roar - rest - tumbler - raise - error - roast - thin - never - resume - enter - race - entrance - empathy - ... I give up! Hahaha...

    @choro: hahahaha!!!

    @funkshit: oh ya? hahaha..

  11. wah ada yang sudah ke angkringan wetiga nih? Ibu Enny (edratna) pernah ngajakin kesana, kayaknya asik tuh tempatnya ya!

    Sori lho kemarin gak ikutan ke Cazbar, tapi hari Minggu besok pasti datang deh. Sampai ketemu ya! :)

  12. momon itu baik hati dan tidak sombong:D

  13. Yep biasanya aku juga suka baca buku kalo dah ngga ada apa apa yang bisa dikerjain, sampe tidur..

  14. @Elyani: iyah, enak banget! Bisa lesehan pake tiker sambil makan wedang jahe! (mesti dateng cepet karena cepet habis saking ramenya!) Free wifi pulak ;-) jadi bisa sambil blogging hahaha...

    @Nico Wijaya: hehe, oke deh! Thanks ya infonya :D

    @Raffaell: good for you! :)

  15. what?? Hermansaksono cute?
    *gak percaya sama sekali* :P


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