Friday, February 06, 2009

An Unfinished Business

I am no Carrie Bradshaw. That's an undeniable fact. But two of us has something in common; once jilted by a dumb. Lucky her, she has a happy ending story. 

This is not a slander. This is not a heartbreak post. It may bores some of you, so no need to go through the entire post if you feel that post-breakup post is cheesy.

NOTE: I won't reveal the subject's name nor things in details cos they are subject to privacy.

What would you do if a guy who jilted you and been avoiding you for six years, in all of a sudden wants to be your forever friends?

It happened to me last week. No kidding. 
So yeah, we were pretty close back then. So what?! It never ended up as a 'relationship' anyway. Simply because he never asked.

His friend was after me aggressively and he chickened out. He disappeared like a ghost. He jilted me.

And so I moved on. Life's too short to live it just for you, baby.

Why were you so surprised when I told you that I forgave you the day you jilted me? I wondered myself.   

Recently he told me he's already engaged. Good for him. Too bad I don't give a damn anymore. EVER. What shocking me the most is, his unnecessary confession of "I loved you back then" and "You have no idea what I've been through for the last 6 years".

Well, you heard me. I forgave you long time ago. You've relieved. 

And let's just get back to reality. 

I don't want to be your friend. I don't want to give you another chance to hurt me or vice versa. 


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  1. It's good to break off the "relationship", to end up the opportunity of hurting each other, as long as you don't hold a grudge to him.

    But, if you still hold a grudge of him, my advice is, you have to learn to let it go, slowly :-)

    Take care yourself dear :-)

  2. "I loved you back then" and "You have no idea what I've been through for the last 6 years".

    --->must be a complicated story, I guess...

  3. @tere616: of course not. Besides it was six years ago! :) No grudge, I promise :D Thanks Darl!

    @boy: well not really. I'm over it :P

  4. This line makes me puke:

    1. He said I loved you back then
    2. He said you had no idea what he has been through the last 6 years

    Typical jerk line. Classic! Bet he made the soppy face like when my dog Samba looks at me when I leave the house.

    Good for you, Dev, he doesn't deserve a tiny good part of you. Go and say, "NEEEEEXXXXTTTTT!!!!".

  5. Great for you Devi for staying strong, there's no point in saying how he feels about you in the past when he got the chance to tell you before! It's an ego booster for him, telling it to you now hoping that you'll say you feel the same too and there goes the regret..but then..HE HAS TO MOVE ON because he is engaged and there he goes, satisfied leaving you dumbfounded ...*hugs* not worth your time! :) Move on girl! Keith doesn't have a bro I'm sure there's a lot like him :)

  6. @parvita: LOL. You're the master! :)

    @Askmewhats: thanks for letting me know (about Keith's sibling). Of course, I'll keep you updated with that! :D

  7. Perhaps there should be a warning, including his photo, on national TV: "Ladies, keep distance and warn the police immediately if you spot this man. Do not, under any circumstance, take notice of the bullshit he may try to tell you".

  8. I don't get what he's trying to do. He's engaged and yet he's telling those lines to you, what is he trying to achieve?

    Is there any point of saying those things if he's actually engaged and about to marry someone else? I think he's the one who's not forgetting the past, or probably haunted by the guilt that he's treated you so bad those years ago. Weirdo.

    You should've said "Er... who's this?" after he said all those lines LOL.

  9. @colson: LOL. Thanks for the idea, but I don't think it's a wise decision to be made. I've learnt my lessons :)

    @therry: I wish I said that! ROTFL.


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