Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Five Hair Tips from Allure Insider

Just in time! When I desperately need some help to do something with my dull hair, Allure throws great tips on their website. It's an old article I believe but I think it's a good one. Oldie but goodie. Thank God! My long straight hair never compromise curling iron nor blow dry, I kinda hate it for that. I'll keep you updated if the tips really work well. Hopefully.

(Article below is cited from

Sleek and chic is all well and good, but hair that's so flat it reveals your skull's contours is another matter. Here's how to turn up the volume.

1. LAYER IN MODERATION. Keep hair close to one length. "When you overlayer it—which people mistakenly do in an attempt to create volume—you risk taking away too much bulk and actually decreasing the volume," explains Hawkins, who thinks "an angled or graduated bob that's lightly layered works beautifully."

2. COLOR SMART. Lightening your base color one or two shades "gives the look of more volume," says colorist Rita Hazan of the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. (Glazes and semipermanent dye "won't do the trick because they are stains, which actually smooth the hair even more," she says.) For women who don't want to change their color, consider using dye for texture—it ruffles the cuticle just enough to create body. In the hands of a skilled colorist, the ensuing damage is minimal—but it's still damage, so try this strategy only a few times a year to see how your hair responds.

3. REVERSE IT. Condition your hair before you shampoo, suggests Hawkins. "You'll still get the moisture and elasticity, but you'll wash out any residue that can weigh down fine hair." On days when hair is really dirty, he recommends shampooing, conditioning, and then shampooing again.

4. DRY WITH CARE. Creating volume in fine hair is like making a soufflĂ©—overwork it and the whole thing falls flat. When blow-drying, work on large sections, holding the nozzle a few inches from the hair and keeping it moving.

5. RAISE IT UP. To boost volume once the hair is dry, lift three-inch sections and allow them to drop through a mist of medium-hold hair spray, says hairstylist Jimmy Paul, "then spray your entire head with dry shampoo and scrunch; the result is hair with lift and a lovely, seemingly no-product finish." For those who hate hair spray, apply mousse to a vent brush and then to damp hair—it won't squeeze the air out of the mousse. "Coat the brush with mousse and run it through one side of your hair, then refuel and do the other side," Hawkins says.

Read another tips for Frizzy Hair, Gray Roots, Oiliness and Dandruff here


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  5. huh? gak soal rambut yah?

  6. @Rima Fauzi: hahaha. So that makes two of us! Itu juga sebenernya foto lama, kalo recent pics ya yg kayak di Facebook; my eyes are terribly bulging! :( Thanks anyway for the compliment. Gw malah pengen rambut gw lebih wavy sedikit! Biasa deh cewek; yang rambutnya lurus maunya keriting, yg keriting maunya lurus. Hahahaha. Ga ada yg pernah puas. Makanya orang bisa kaya dari salon :D

    @boy: enaknya jadi cowok! Tinggal minta dipotong cepak, ga ribet! Hahahaha..

  7. The only tip I could (and want to) use is the third one. Anyway the first thought in my mind when I see this post is "how narcissistic you are" :P khekhekhe..

  8. seriously dev, you look so different in photo and the real you.. makanya wkt ketemu dikau gw nga bisa recognize pdhl udah liat foto loe..
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    your hair is beautiful just the way it is... :)

  9. Apapun modelnya yg penting PD, n emang sesuai ama yg kita mau Dev,

    in fact, I prefer to your long hair style :)

  10. rambut loe mah bagus dev...gak kayak gue mekar2 gak penting jd seumur idup kudu smoothing hahahahaha...hepi valentine dev...

  11. hey lovely devi, happy valentine day ya ... nice pix :) how's your day ?

  12. @dee: LOL! *big smile*

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