Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snapshots of Hillary Clinton's Arrival in Jakarta

I was on my way home with Andrew after attending my relative's 78th b'day lunch at Kramat Jati, East Jakarta. Pretty shocked actually to find out that my brother and I were trapped in unusual traffic (traffic jam, it is) along Gatot Subroto streets.

FYI, as a Jakartan who used to stuck in traffic, I tend to be panicky if the streets are quiet and deserted look-alike. There are only two things popped in my mind in that case; there's a bomb terror or rampages. Remember 1998 Jakarta riots or 2003 Marriott Hotel bombing? Then you must know what I mean.

Around 2 PM today, it turned out to be US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton's arrival in Jakarta that stopped the traffic! Lucky for me, there's still battery power remained on my digital camera to take a few snapshots. *grin*

Picture above was the AFTER traffic as soon as the entourage passed by. Welcome to Jakarta, Mrs. Clinton! Enjoy your stay and looking forward to hearing some good news from you! 


  1. hello sista from anotha mista!!!

    u know what is funny that road looks all to familiar to me...but the traffic in jakarta kills meee!!..also i wanted to know what is the place that you can get fake like multiple floors and they just sell fake LV and gucci! that place was awesome!!!...i need to go back again...and explore with out a personal driver

  2. oh wow..I hope she enjoys her stay! :)

  3. Hi Pink!

    I know that place!! It's called "MANGGA DUA" at North Jakarta. OMG you've been there? Sure, if you want to go there, buzz me so I can accompany you! :) My tips before going there, NEVER go on weekend or public holidays cos it'll be definitely super crowded.

  4. @Askmewhats: yeah, I really hope so!

  5. Wow, punya naluri jurnalistik rupanya ... Seriously, hal2 yang begini awal dari love affair dengan citizen journalism. Nice Dev.

  6. Ohh how I wish I could travel the world. The US is sooo boring! I need to get my passport renewed and go on a adventure. If I come to Indonesia please take me to Mangga Dua!!!

  7. @Toni: iya, emang seru banget ya bisa ngambil snapshots pas kejadian2 ga terduga gitu. Thank you ya Ton! :)

    @Kendall: no problems! I'll be more than happy to take you there! :D Wow really? I've never been to US before. Hopefully someday. :)

  8. I saw the speech Hillary made on television and I don't know whether it's just me but that woman doesn't look exactly like Hillary.

    I'm starting to think the US government sent a fake one to us, because that woman looks too old and motherly to be Hillary!

  9. @Therry: really? My mom told me she's kinda different too, but honestly I don't think the States will ever send a fake representative :) But well, at least that's what I thought.


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