Sunday, February 22, 2009

Link Time!!!

  • Michael Jackson has superbug infection. Does it tell us something? I think so. It warns you NOT to undergo too much cosmetic surgeries. 
  • I've finally been able to access my MySpace account after 4 years being neglected! I was damn excited to see my old cute pics, LOL. Just realized my friends and classmates are more into Friendster or Facebook.
  • I also decided to try microblogging at Twitter
  • Does Social Media Make Us Better People? Pete Cashmore reports at Mashable.
  • Curious about political campaigns of Indonesia future leaders? Therry and Boy have some examples to display.  
  • Fashionese Daily interviewed MAC senior make-up artist John Stapleton.
  • Interesting blog post "Busy" by Merlyna.
  • Christine from Temptalia shares her enormous make-up collection. *drooling*

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  1. dev yg rihanna pix bener gk sih tuh ..tmz kadang suka hiperbola juga but gw juga gk tau juga sih ...

    soal silver queen ya ampun kalo gue jadi ade lo juga pasti binggung apaan tuh ... kocak juga ...

    disini byk coklat tapi gw lagi craving coklat yg di indo silver queen jrg ada sekali ada mahal in.

    how's your weekend ?

  2. Hi Dev,
    glad to be breath again in blogosphere :)

    Bout Microblgging, why don't u use plurk it's already everywhere in Indonesia and threats the blogging trends :p

    PS: Thx for keep shouting on my Shoutbox. Happy Valentine too ^^

  3. @nacosu: katanya sih bener Sa, uda di-confirm ama celebrity blogger yg lain klo LAPD lagi investigasi sapa yg bikin foto itu leaked hahaha.. Itu kan bukti katanya. Btw, enakan Silver Queen daripada Hershey's? Masa sih? :P

    @Avante: as for Plurking, maybe later. I haven't found anything interesting about microblogging yet. I think it's similar to Facebook status.

  4. ga mudeng inggris yang penting berkunjung aja ah..met kenal

  5. Aku lebih suka Plurk dibanding Twitter. Pake plurk aja... *halah, ngiklan*

  6. Wow. Some of them promise to be very interesting. So to check all this I probably have to cancel all my appointments for today.

    Btw: It's none of my business of course, but I sometimes wonder how you - an other young people- manage to study, work, shop, read, socialize, go down town on a regular basis and still manage to exploit all the possibilities internet offers to you.

    My days are confined to 24 hours.

  7. @anto84: salam kenal juga yah. Makasih uda mampir :)

    @bloggerbercerita: hahaha, nanti ya. Sekarang aja status Facebook, MySpace dan Twitter saya hampir sama semua. :P

    @colson: LOL, take your time and read them at your convenient time. No need to worry, they won't go anywhere anytime soon.

    I don't mind if you're asking. Hmm I'm not sure if I can provide the exact how, but I'm sure I have all the energy and enough spaces left in my brain to fill in :)

  8. Wow. I have more news update here than anywhere else, thanks Dev!! :D

  9. Would you like to exchange links with me?

  10. @therry: pleasure is mine. :)

    @the writer: of course! It's an honor, really! :D


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