Friday, February 27, 2009

I Had It Coming

I'd like to personally thank you all who have been giving me moral supports and advice since my last post. I was overwhelmed.

Today I just want to keep you guys posted of the latest news. The so-called controversial post has been viewed by some of the cousins who kindly enough to bombard me with complaints. It was figured and totally understandable, however some things were unacceptable and irrelevant that I assumed they didn't read it thoroughly.

Before the bombardment, I had already perceived how unwise I was to put my family matters on the internet regardless how resentful I had been. Someone old in my maternal family has made it very clear.

I always say, better ask forgiveness than permission.   --Brom, Eragon (2006)

So I was wrong. I wrote it in my emotional consciousness, during my mental breakdown. I was too upset to be able to think intelligibly when my mom was hurt. I hadn't let my mom knew about the making of the post in the first place cos I believed she would make me to turn it off. She's just too sweet to be hurt.

By making this post, I'm not trying to seek for justification of what I did. I made a mistake and I've learnt my lessons. I'm now fully aware that mortifying people on the internet will never do any good. I can't change who they really are by constantly writing about their flaws. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  1. I would also offer a hug, but first I want to ask:

    "What ever happenned to freedom of speech?"

  2. @Askmewhats: thank you, Darl! :)

    @the writer: hmm.. It's still there, I'm just trying to review it from other perspectives. Thanks for asking anyway! :)

  3. I guess you shouldn't put blame on yourself Dev.. When you say you were wrong.. you were indeed wrong, if there were not any learning in your writing. But I perceive some meaning and learning, though I must admit that were too one-sided story.

    Dear.. admit yourself that you did wrong is good, and that is one step to a better life. And when your siblings, read your post, and they didn't admit they were wrong.. that was just their lost. Just be strong girl.

    A little bit OOT to answer your comment on my blog.. I have some problems which drain me a good lot of energy, but I have drafted 2 posts.. so you can expect to read it tonight :D

  4. what I was trying to say is merely that this is your blog, it's definitely up to you to write whatever you want about it. Besides, it's not like you're revealing their names.

    I've had a lot of people coming to my blog demanding me to erase my post, make an apology whatever you name it but hey, by the end of the day, if they don't like what they see, they're very welcomed to close their browser, laptop, whatever and walk away. It's your trumpet to blow, not theirs.

    Sure, I understand that it's harder and more complicated when it's involving a family member, but...I'm just saying that you shouldn't be let down just because some people think that you definitely have no rights to let out whatever that is inside your head

  5. @dee: I'm not. Albeit I didn't mention bluntly, I have NO REGRETS. This is exactly why I put my favorite quote from the Eragon movie; I always say, better ask forgiveness than permission. So they can still hear me roar! :P


    @the writer: I've acknowledged your independent spirit since the first time you gave a comment, but don't you worry.

    They cannot (and will never can) force me to delete anything in my blog. It's just that the people I mentioned earlier try to relate my post with my mom's wrong guidance I'm really mad of, cos my mom had nothing to do with this.

    Attention must be paid and all I could think of (a little) damage control is written in this post. I clarify things without risking my dignity. And hell yeah, they didn't let me down. I'm a big girl and I can tell what is wrong and what is right.

    This is exactly what I need to hear from an open-minded person like you. Otherwise I probably won't give any of this arguments on comments section.

    Thank you very much for concerning about me. I really appreciate it!

  6. Devi, about the article you wanted to see, it's in Danish but I could always give it to your email address if you'd like to see it

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  8. Reading your previous post I really held my breath.

    I admired it for three reasons: it's good to speak up when you have been treated badly, you voiced your indignation and obvious anger politely and you made it a touching statement about the great relation to and solidarity with your mother.

    But indeed: it's internet and there always is the possibility of backlash. Though in this case you may be satisfied you did send a clear message, which can not be denied by those who resent it.

    I think you maybe were slightly rash, but very brave. Nothing to regret.

  9. *hugs*

    Chill... Anjing menggonggong, orang cantik pasti berlalu. Setuju donk? Pasti iyaaa... Hehehe,,,

    Tapi, emang siih... Menulis masalah personal dan di-publish di internet sangat sangat rentan.

  10. zzzzzz....zzzzzzzzzzzz........zzzzzz

  11. @colson: thank you! I realize I was rash, but I can promise you they were came with an explanation. Those weren't the first time they diss my mom, my brothers and I. I had enough. I tried to control my emotion ever since I was a kid but now, enough is enough. Otherwise they never know how I feel deep down my heart. They wouldn't listen to me everytime I got the chance to speak up. It was a good sign they read my blog.

    @bloggerbercerita: hahaha.. Sebenernya klo masalah sepele doank sumpah deh, gw juga males nulis di blog. Buat apa nyampah di blog gw sendiri? Cuma karena masalahnya berlarut2 dari gw kecil sampe sekarang, yg bikin gw jadi panas banget karena selama ini uda baik2 berusaha menjaga perasaan gw utk ga kasar sama mereka. Bom waktu, lebih tepatnya.

  12. Susah nih mau komen dalam bahasa Inggris, Kak..
    Menulis masalah personal, kalo' saya ndak berani lg, Kak..

  13. I wonder who this person is, who dares tell you what you should and should not do... hmmmm :P

  14. @HeLL-dA: pake bahasa Indonesia juga gpp kok :) Nyantai aja, yang penting saya ngerti, hehehehe.. Hmm, smua yg saya tulis di blog ini kan memang smuanya personal? :P

    @therry: Well, let's put it this way; I only listen to people whom I put my respect on. LOLz!!~


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