Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Deborah Milano Free Goodies

Yayyyy!!!! They're finally here! I won a package of Deborah Milano goodies from FEMALE magazine which had been announced on last month edition.

I get it pretty tardy cos the FEMALE Team were waiting for the vouchers to complete the packages.

What I've got...
  • Small red tote bag
  • Bronzing Powder #10
  • Rosetto 'Atomic Red' Lipstick #06
  • Shine TECH 'Nail Enamel Extreme Ultralasting Shine' Nail Polish #13
  • Free Manicure Voucher
  • Discount Voucher


Swatches and reviews will available soon! (I hope so!)


  1. Awesome.. I love the lippie color!

  2. wow kok bisa menang sih ... lucky you dev ... btw iya posting gw ada dua cuman yg skrg gw lagi nyindir org krn gw tau die baca jadi hi hi ... senengnya gw bikin org marah hahaha :D

  3. Thanks ko0ty and Askmewhats! :)

    @nacosu: baru pertama kali menang nih, setelah mengirim ratusan sms di tiap contest per bulannya! Hahaha.. Hiperbolis! Hehehe.. Ya ampyunn, ga enak kali jadi musuhan gtu ama temen sendiri..

  4. wowww.. congrats dev :)
    lipsticknya ok tuh sepertinya warnanya.. ditunggu swatch-nya, woohoo!

  5. Katanya yah, kalau dapet barang gratisan itu harus dibagi-bagi. Biar berkah. *fatwa kimiisme* Sini, dibagi juga ke aku. *digetok*

    Btw, salam kenal yaaa...

  6. iya ngiler liatnya hahaha ;)

  7. wow kerenn, wat did you do to get that goodies? haha you are pretty lucky girl dev, gw jarang tuh bisa dapet2 gene2 T_T

  8. I want a really good DSLR, of course a free one.. hehe.. Anyway, congrats for you..

  9. @jude: sipppp!! Coming soon! :D

    @bloggerbercerita: salam kenal juga ya! :)

    @Alice: :D

    @Wiwin Lee: SMS contests at FEMALE magazine. Hahaha.. This is my first winning also!

    @dee: good luck to you too! :)

  10. how fabulous is that!!!
    and congrats, looks like some gret goodies for you to enjoy!

    I appreciate you stopping over at my blog! You're so lovely!

  11. Wow...congrats.
    You're such lucky person Dev.
    If am not mistaken, you also won that thesaurus dictionary :-)

    Share the story of how you can win that Deborah Milano Free Goodies :-p

    Can't wait to meet you with that lipstick :-D

  12. @Kimberly Tia: you're so lovely too, doll face! :)

    @tere616: thanks! :) Hmm honestly I don't know what to tell about, it was an ordinary magazine contests I was signing up to. Well, see you then! :D

  13. well at least you got a good goodie bag there. and wow for it



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