Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bloggers "Land Coffee" Part Deux

Disclosure: Finally! This post has been draft for a while, because I couldn't decide how I was gonna write this down. As for the images, I only use those that originally captured on my camera. 

Soon after the successful initial Land Coffee, highly enthusiasm participants yearned for more. Five hours in a day, who says it would be enough to get to know new friends? Therry, the not-so-innocent hostess (LOL), cared to invite more bloggers to join in via Facebook.

This time, we agreed to meet at Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, since Anita had been craving for Ujung Pandang noodle. It was pretty much the opposite of my residence (I live in South Jakarta, btw), but apparently traffic jam and dirt road didn't stop us to gather on the sunny Sunday. Besides, who dares to refuse her wish? *cough*

So who were coming to second Land Coffee on Feb 8, 2009?
Therry (of course), Anita, Elyani, me, Toni, Juinita, Boy and Wiwin.

And the story goes...
I'm trying to be more descriptive this time. *fingers crossed*

That day was the first time I saw 4 out of 8 bloggers bring exactly the same camera (except for the scary paparazzi 'monster' lens which belongs to his truly); Anita, Toni, Elyani and Juinita. 

Let's start with the hostess first, shall we?
Therry looked very feminine wearing black-and-white printed shift dress and oversized red handbag. Great combination, Dear! I still remember how mesmerizing she was, when others -including me- stuck with jeans. She probably has the most shy innocent face among all, but trust me, look can be very deceiving. She even talked more talkative than I did (in a good way, for sure), LOL! 

Candid picture of our photography gurus; Toni and Elyani were posing with their Canon Digital SLR. Sorry for its low quality, it was taken from my cellphone. 

In this scene I believe they were trying to shoot the Bengawan Solo coffee plastic cups, maybe.

Surprisingly, the dynamic duo seemed to plan wearing the same color t-shirts! *wink* Nice!

Juinita (aka Tere616) was wearing brown loose top (more like leopard prints, I think) and jeans. She's a cool working mom who loves to socialize but still manage herself to maintain her blogs; one in Bahasa and the other one is in English. At a glance, you might recognize her as Trie Utami, one of Indonesian famous female singers. I was wondering if she can actually sing as too?

Anita has been living in Scotland since 2007 but she's been a real traveler since forever, I guess. Wearing olive green loose top, white bubble shorts, wedges and toting a Prada seemed to be effortless, but from the way she wore eye make-up, it was hard to believe that she was packing light! ROTFL. I admire her flawless radiant skin and also her wits. She's definitely the muse for me!

Boy and Wiwin respectively joined when we were grabbing coffees at La Piazza. 

Therry and I had the same first impression about Boy; a metrosexual, based on his appearance. Later I was amazed after he told us that he's been living by himself since high school. Awesome!  

Unfortunately I didn't talk much with Wiwin, since she was enjoying her chit-chat with Boy. *Oops, I didn't intend to spread the rumors. Please don't kill me!*

Anyways these were my food photography lessons from Toni during our luncheon at Bakmi UP;
Are you salivating already? You can see his magnificent art works here.

Before I forgot... 

The chocolate cupcakes were sponsored by Dominé Cake & Bakery that belongs to Therry's mom. We were given samples to try and they tasted really good! Check the website to find out more options!

Thank you so much guys for coming! It was very pleasant to meet y'all. 

P.S. Read another report of this meet up at Anita's.


  1. It's Batik not Leopard hon :-D

    I love every minutes of our 1st and 2nd Land Coffee. Especially when the camera were taken out of each bag, whilst the pro only 2 and maybe Wiwien too.

    I think there are 5 cameras, including Wiwien, but because she's late seems that there's no chances for the camera to know each other too :-)

    I miss that day, especially lately when my b**** work is off to the limit :-(

  2. metrosexual?!? ahahaha....

  3. asik ya devvvvv. pengen ikutan :)

  4. Devi ...
    Glad seeing you there and other bloggers. We had fun, right ?
    BTW, tuh foto2 makanannya kan dah mulai OK, jadi setiap makan siang coba di posting di sini, LOL.

  5. Devi promosinya gokil! *make mental notes to bring more cakes next time*

    Nice writing Dev, I didn't even realise about the shirts Elyani and Toni were wearing, and I didn't know that what I was wearing that day was a shift dress. All I knew was that it was a dress, period! LOL.


    Meni pedi yuk!

  6. @tere616: hohoho, sorry Darling! Short memory loss, I suppose. *crap excuse*

    Yeah, me too! Oh, I didn't notice that Wiwin also brought hers.. WOW. I believe there'll always be the 3rd, 4th, and so on, no need to worry! :D

    @boy: hahaha, girang banget lo! :P

    @adya.joko: yukkk... Kapan available di Jakarta? :)

    @Toni: HELL YEAH! Makasih banyak ya Ton, sip2 mudah2an bisa tambah jago motretnya hihihi...

    @Therry: LOL that's exactly my hidden agenda! Wah ga nyangka, lo banci salon juga toh?! Hahahaha...

  7. loe orang pertama yang, setidaknya di depan gw, bilang gw metrosexual ;))

    seriously, yang namanya pedi facial, etc etc aja gw blom pernah :D

  8. @boy: hoho, ic. So that means you owe me a cup of coffee for the next land coffee? LOL!

  9. what about me? you didn't say anything about me? Ah Deviiii :p

  10. @Ecky: haha, emang lo jiwa selebriti banget deh! Maunya diomongin hahaha! :P Ini bagian dari 2nd meet-up kok, Ky, jadi karena liat postingan Therry yg descriptive tentang land coffee yg di Cazbar, gw jg kepengen nulis lengkap hehe.. Yg ga dtg pas ketemuan di Gading ya ga dijelasin disini :D Parvita juga ga ada kan?? ;-)

  11. @Dev:

    Gue godain si Boy, kan katanya metroseksual... *kabur*


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