Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Abusive Relationship: Rihanna & Chris Brown


I'm terribly shocked after I read on Perez Hilton that the RnB superstar Rihanna was beaten, bloodied, bruised and only God knows what else Chris Brown did to her. Latest update stated that she suffered two "huge contusions" on both side of her forehead, a bloody lip and bloody nose.

Chris Brown allegedly abused his girlfriend because she had accused him for flirting with another woman. He was arrested but released after posting $50,000 bail. That's why the duo cancelled their performances at the Grammys.

Poor Rihanna. I feel bad for her.

Under this circumstances, her record label hinted that her concert tour this Friday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will be canceled. Even though the record label hasn't announced anything yet, I believe Rihanna concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, is also likely to be cancelled. In that case, Rihanna fans in Indonesia will be disappointed (again!) for the second time. The first schedule was cancelled due to travel warning.  

Oh well, I guess her big fans won't mind waiting her to get full recovery before doing another world concert. Stay strong and get well soon Rihanna! 

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  1. Never thinking of it!
    I think they have a good relationship firstly.
    They were known 'doin' somethin''.
    But, how terrible now!

  2. Domestic violence is a major and dramatic problem indeed. Usually it is defined as "pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner". But, one shouldn't forget that actually the majority of victims of domestic violence are children. And that is apart from the psychological damage they suffer when they experience one parent abusing the other.

    Approximately 10% of all people will at least at one time in their lives be involved with it. And actually men as well as women can be the victim. Calculated guesses are that about 7 or 8 out of 10 cases it's the woman who gets beaten up ( or killed)by the man, but at least 2 ( or maybe 3) out of 10 men are the victims of their aggressive women.

    Btw: though RnB isn't my thing really, I sympathize with the artist (and her fans) of course. Hope she will soon recover and press charges against that Chris guy!

  3. Rihanna should've been wiser in terms of choosing a boyfriend. Who knows that Chris Brown could turn into such an abusive psycho?

  4. konsernya udah dibatalin tuh..sayang juga ya

  5. @Hell-dA: what do you mean by "doin' something"? Yes they have some collaborations including the hit Umbrella.

    @colson: you got that right! Sadly most of those broken home kids grown up as violent adults and nobody cares about their future. Thanks for the statistics, you can actually bring the topic better than I do :)

    @therry: hey you'll never know until he's slapt you. Woman probably can fake the orgasm, but a man can fake the whole relationship. No offense, gentlemen!

    @boy: yah, apa mau dikata. Bad things happen to good people.

  6. That's why, before you marry someone, you have to piss him off really badly to see if he's gonna slap the crap outta you ot not!

    If he doesn't have the self control, then he ain't worth it, gwelfweeeend!

  7. @therry: LOL. Did you apply your own advice? :P

  8. to add to what colson said,

    chris brown grew up with an abusive father (or step father).
    so this type of behavior could have been embedded in him psychologically at a very young age.

    but i still listen to his music.


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