Sunday, January 18, 2009


In case you haven't noticed, I've changed my tagboard due to some technical problems.

So yeah, as you may all know that OGGIX has been undergoing some errors on its system. I don't know what went wrong, but it's been almost a month I couldn't leave any message on someone else's OGGIX tagboard. 

That wasn't the first time OGGIX went error I recognize. I thought it will be back to normal again in couple of days but well.. nothing happened. Right after Sasa complained about my tagboard, I gave up and looked for replacement. Believe it or not, when I was checking my OGGIX account to get some sort of announcement, I was shocked that all previous entries had gone! Sorry if I missed your blog URL but please don't forget to come back! *wink*  

Hence, as suggested by her I signed up for SHOUTMIX and quickly fell in love. Below are my quick review of the new tagboard;
  • Free tagboard with great features. There's also a premium one if you wish to upgrade :) 
  • Instant start and easy to use. Perhaps because it has fewer options of styles and colors.
  • Simple design; clean and neat.
  • Auto refresh updates per minute. You don't have to refresh the page to get the latest shout!
  • Quick login to delete/ban messages. Right on the box! So, beware you spammers!

Hopefully there will be no more errors. See you guys around the blogosphere ;)

P.S. What if I permanently remove the tagboard? Are you willing to leave a comment on the comments section? Please let me know.


  1. Sama aja apanya? Ya sama2 shoutbox memang hehe. You haven't answered my question.

    What do you think if I permanently remove my tagboard?

  2. dev jgn tetep pasang shoutbox nya. krn org seperti gw suka males isi di comment musti pake word verification segala ... kalo shoutmix langsung kan. btw glad you like the shoutmix. oh iya dev mayan itu bukan native american (indian) mayan mirp ma indian tapi berasal dari mexico daerah latin gitu deh ... serem juga pas gw nonton di history ch soal 2012 di youtube juga ada tuh say ... sorry kebykan ;p. how's your grandpa ?

  3. @nacosu: hahaha.. Dasar! :P Ga kepanjangan kok, gw pernah komen di blog orang lain jauhh lebih panjang dari lo hehe.. Anyway, 'word verification'-nya uda gw ilangin lho, demi lo hahaha..

  4. Oops I forgot to answer your last question, my granddad is getting back his best shape! He already drove the car by himself yesterday! Bandel bgt deh, disuruh naik taksi kaga mau, hahaha.. Thanks for asking anyway :)

  5. thank you dev, good to hear about your grandpa his doing well. buset lo pernah comment yg panjang di situs org ha ha ha ... jadi devi seakan" tulis cerita di blog die dong hua hua ... dev gimana di plumpang apinya ?
    kapan jadi ibu dokter nih pasang aja verificationnya gw bercanda lagi say hihi ....

  6. @nacosu: LOL. It's okay (as for the verification code). Hopefully I'll be an MD in the next three years :D


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