Sunday, January 18, 2009

Question of The Day

This question popped up in my mind after watching Pathology and I've been thinking about it since. Arrghh, somebody please let me know!

Are sex scenes in Hollywood movies for real?

You can leave a comment below or e-mail me ASAP. Thanks in advance!


Updated later on Jan 21 at 1:13 AM; I've been enlightened! Thank y'all for answering. For the other curious cats out there, here's the perfect answer of my Q-of-the-day;

Barenaked >> YES, it's real.
Full body contact >> YES, it's real. That's why they call it "professionalism".
>> NO, it's just the angles of the camera. Otherwise they approve to spread STDs, LOL. 

Even on the kissing scenes, there's a strict rule; no French Kiss (no tongue involved). I rest my case.


  1. mungkin gk kali kalo buat movie tapi kalo pilem yg kusus buat adult mustinya bener ya ... gw pernah liat di tv kasih tau pas show malem bgt. ih kalo beneran gimana ya ??? seperti tester aja ha ha *ups sorry ;p

  2. Khusus adult? Hahaha, kocak banget istilah lo! Aduh jadi tambah pusing, ada 2 jawaban soalnya. Ada yg bilang for real unless they use body double/stunt, tp ada yg bilang bukan. Klo beneran namanya porn movies donk katanya. Both of them are make sense to me, gimana nih?? :(

  3. lolz only a non-american would ask that, of course its fake. they are not porn stars. how stupid can you be.

  4. Ada yang beneran, ada yang nggak.
    Cth: original sin -nya Angelina Jolie. Di situ dia looked barely naked with antonio banderas.
    kalo yang ngga itu ya pinter2 shoot nya doank, padahal pake stunt ato fake sex scenes. menurut aku yang fake sex scenes itu kaya Titanic.

  5. I think some are and some aren't..

    @anonymous: rude much?

  6. I've got the answer! But before I update the posting, I'll collect all comments.

    From Facebook;
    John Rasohma: They're for real, sis. I've read true stories similar to that.

    Christa Jonathan: Some of them are, but not all. I'd say it depends on the movie and/or the director.

    From Multiply;
    alemimura: haha. of course not, otherwise it'll be porn, and not mainstream movies. it can look very real (e.g. Lie With Me, 9 Songs, also Lust, Caution). There are some exceptions where the limit of this supposedly "simulated sex" became blurry, like in the Brown Bunny (the blowjob was real - but the actor and actress performing were ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and they've consented to this).

    alemimura #2: real as far as they touch etc. the male usually wears a protective thong, but no blowjobs, and no actual penetration definitely!

  7. Well, have been hesitant to reply. But actually yes, some feature movies do have real penetration scenes: "9 Songs" (UK) or "Romance" (France)for instance.

    To my mind it doesn't make them better or worse then other movies.

  8. @colson: so you know they're real. Thanks for letting me know.

    To my mind it doesn't make them better or worse then other movies.
    I agree, it's just that I was dying to know the truth! :) When I was writing this posting, I did hope some crews might see it and give me the answer :D

  9. of course real a kiss is even nothing for a player. They all got the soul of the characters reflected to us, on Romeo ve Juliet, while kissing Juliet, kiss was from Romeo not from Leonardo Di Caprio. BTW they got lots of money :lol some kiss is nothing and a movie could be evaluated as porn or such kind love story, evaluations of us will be optional
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