Saturday, January 03, 2009

Healthy Snack: Sour Sally

I know cupcakes are totally in nowadays in Jakarta, but unfortunately I haven't tried them yet :( I'm afraid to eat one cos they are supposed to contain a lot of sugar and butter, no?

During out and about, I was attracted by this cute illustration of a girl with a head bigger than her body LOL. It turned out to be a new hang-out place offering unique concept of healthy snack.

Sour Sally is (probably) the first of its kind in Indonesia that provides U.S. Premium Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt. However, one thing to remember in mind, NON-FAT doesn't mean NO CALORIES. But then again, I think the owner has already anticipated those typical question by putting ingredients list along with the calories of each of them. 

As far as I remember, the frozen yogurt has 20 calories itself (excluding toppings). Thus it won't ruin your diet program of course. Toppings vary in fresh fruits with low-level of calories; blueberry, strawberry, peach, nata de coco, mango and many more.

Even though the name is put in English and the tagline is "U.S. Premium Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt", Sour Sally is originally from Indonesia. What a shocking facts! (regarding how much Indonesian people love something western-ish.)  

Moreover at your first time visit, you can also ask for tasting samples of the frozen yogurt first. It has two kind of yogurt; original plain and green tea. If you like both of them, you can have mix them up too! For those who haven't tasted yogurt in lifetime, first trial perhaps will be shocked cos the yogurt is heavenly sour tee-hee. It's available in 3 sizes; small, medium or large. 

Apart from frozen non-fat yoghurt, Sour Sally also offers Shaved Ice Yogurt, Smoothies and other drinks that are complementary like Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Green Tea and Mineral Water.

My very first order was a small size of Original Plain topped with Blueberry Jam and Peach that cost me IDR 29,500 (including tax).

The blueberry jam really helped me to neutralize the yogurt's sour taste. It was so fresh and tasted really good! A must-try! 

If you have an acute gastritis, I recommend you to have a meal first before you eat yogurt otherwise you'll undergo abdominal upset or pain due to the sharp-tasting of the yogurt. For diet junkies, eat properly. Eating yogurt is one way to achieve a healthy weight-loss, but eating it all the time is not good for your digestive system. Mind you, TOO MUCH OF SOMETHING IS NOT GOOD. Be wise.

Frozen Yogurt 
IDR 17,500 - IDR 49,500

Shaved Ice Yogurt (including 4 toppings) 
IDR 37,500 - IDR 54,500

IDR 28,500 - IDR 31,500 (additional topping add IDR 7,000)

Ice Lemon Tea IDR 8,000
Ice Green Tea IDR 15,000
Mineral Water IDR 13,500


fX Lifestyle X'nter
4th Floor #101
Phone: +62 21 25554263


  1. dev, enak bgt liat nya ... disini juga ada namanya pinberry en tutti frutti macem" yogurt flavornya ... liat aja di site nya ... disini juga lagi in yogurt tapi gk tau ya di states lain ... well enjoy ya :)

  2. Only two flavour of Yoghurt?? Why there is no Strawberry or Durian Flavour?

    It would be delicious when mix with chocolate butter, though it's not good for your diet :)

  3. never tried yogurts be4 , wonder how it tastes ?. i always think that it would smell like expired milk??..
    .. . rrrghh.

    but they say its a healthy one.
    should try one sometimes.

  4. Nice, tasty and cool. I love the account and yoghurt. Been a lover of yoghurt since childhood.

    There are two things I'm slightly suspicious about though.

    In itself it isn't a fat liquid. But I distrust the diet quality of it, when the product is 'Americanized": when sugar and other sweetening ingredients have been added. In this way other products have been ruined.

    And the price.. Yoghurt is a pretty simple dairy product. I can hardly believe even those small embellished quantities can cost up to € 3.

    Nevertheless: let's enjoy the good things of life.

  5. Happy 2009...and stay healthy :)

  6. @nacosu: oh iya yah, yg kamu pernah bilang lagi ngidam tutti frutti itu ternyata yogurt yah?

    @avante: yeap. Hmm, maybe you can request them on the comment card? :P

    @mystery shopper: it tastes great! Fresh and heavenly sour, as I mentioned :)

    @colson: you bet! Let's enjoy them while we can :D

    @indo: thanks! You too!

  7. harganya uda kaya menyamai harga di luar negeri gitu. skrg di jakarta mahal2 ya ;o

  8. @alice: emberrr! Ngopi di Starbucks aja at least mesti keluar duit 40rb, hahaha.. Beli lifestyle image aja sih sebenernya (pdhl gw jg demen ngopi2 disitu haha, dodol bgt)

  9. jadi ingin makan lagi di sour sally.
    aku suka yg plain dengan topping peach, longan dan blueberry :)

  10. Walaupun harganya selangit, tapi doesnt discourage me of not eating it on a regular basis. Actually, J-Cool also copy the idea, cuman the taste is too distinguished (medok banget manis dan asemnya), jadi cepet bosen. Tapi harganya sih lebih masuk akal.
    Oiya, SS punya discount card juga loh, walaupun the price is too overwhelmingly expensive. 250 ribu to purchase the card, and you get 15% discount everytime you go to SS.

  11. My daughter likes SS very much. Told her it's expensive, but she said: "Don't worry mom. I only ask SS if I get good score at school test". So, SS encourages her to study hard!


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