Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flawless Auto Lounge *Picture Heavy*

What: Icha's 23th Birthday Dinner
When: Saturday, Jan 17, 2009 at 7 PM.
Where: Flawless Auto Lounge, FX F1 (First Floor), Sudirman - Jakarta.

Inside the Lounge:

Live music, few couches, low-temperature smoking areas and two gimmicks LOL. A yellow Ferrari F430 and a red 2-door Bentley Continental GT (not pictured).

Let's start with the drink first, since I heart their mocktails; they have a good one!

Left: Sober Sunday (mocktails) - Right: Strawberry Milkshake

**Special Menu of the Day**

Prawn tempura covered with black-and-white sesame seeds and little baby green salad in mayo balsamic dressing.

Main Course

Left: Tenderloin Steak - Right: Salmon Black Pepper


Left: Banana Lasagna - Right: Fresh Fruit Platter

OVERALL: Offering collection of wine and cigar, the place are allocated into 7 different areas; lounge & dining, wine lounge along with wine cellar, cigar lounge with cigar rack display, meeting rooms, bar, performance stage and car display. Food are so-so but the mocktails are fab! This lounge has a very low temperature (I believe around 15C/59F) so it's at your best interest, ladies, to wear cardigans or jackets. Unless, of course, you can stand the cold. 


  1. what about the price? worth for your bucks?

  2. Dev, penasaran, utk makanan, desert, dll bayar ga semuanya?

  3. @alice: ya kudu dibayar donk, hahaha.. Yang bayar the bday girl :) That's why I'm hesitant to comment everything in details :D


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