Sunday, January 11, 2009

Added to My Wish List!

Yves Saint Laurent Trib Two Platform Pumps in Black Leather is to die for! 

Ever since I saw them on Victoria Beckham and the Olsens Twins, I cannot put my mind away. *drooling*

Apparently, many other celebrities like Christina Aguilera, J.Lo, Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Lucy Liu, Jada Pinkett Smith and fashion stylist Rachel Zoe are spotted wearing this 4-inch stiletto heels too.

The $795 pumps are definitely RED CARPET SHOES OF THE YEAR according to this fashion blog, so true! Anyone?

(Image is taken from In The Olsen's closet)


  1. awww..expensive shoes :) Lol but it looks classy!

  2. Yeah, that's why they're still sitting on my wish list. Otherwise I'm gonna grab it ASAP! LOL :P

  3. wah devi akhirnya bisa comment juga di blog mu ^^
    sepatunya bagus, tp tinggi juga ya, kira2 brp cm tuh?
    gw kalo pake yg tinggi2 gitu takut keseleo dan cape aja bawaannya hehe. tp keliatannya quite elegan ^^

  4. I better avoiding this post specially to my wife.
    Psst... my pocket will be blank, ha... ha...

  5. aku ngga bisa pake sepatu dengan hak setinggi apalagi yg lancip kayak gt. bisa2 kram kakiku :p

  6. @alice: 4inch, sekitar 8cm hehe.. Hmm klo gtu mesti training dulu deh walking with heels :D

    @tikno: LOL!

    @onik: beauty hurts, baby! Hahaha..


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