Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged by Irene, my sweet bride-to-be niece. Actually I don't really like this tagging stuffs, but she's so demanding and won't take NO as an answer! LOL.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

If you don't have a blog but want to put this on your
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Let me get this started!
  1. I love traveling around the world and making friends.
  2. Right handed.
  3. I can't drive manual transmission cars. Learning still in progress, though.
  4. This blog was made on June 2004.
  5. I'm a crybaby. I easily shed tears when watch tearjerking scenes on movies.
  6. My eye color is brown.
  7. I drink (water) like a camel; approximately 8 liters everyday.  
  8. I have 4 other blogs from different blog hostings; Friendster, Multiply, LiveJournal and Blogger (the one publishing my writings but rarely updated). However this blog is the one and only blog I've been taking care of up till now.
  9. My guilty pleasure is strawberry cheesecake.
  10. Perfectionist.
  11. I'm lousy when it comes to grammar.
  12. Non-smoker.
  13. I have huge passion for fashion and make up.
  14. Workout junkie.
  15. I sleep without a pillow, cos it kinda makes my neck sprained when I wake up in the morning.
  16. I want to partner with my baby brother Andrew in Amazing Race Asia! Someday.
  17. I'm hesitant to eat bizarre food like snails, raw crocodile, snakes, sugar cane rats, etc. Yucks!
  18. I can easily forgive but I will never forget.
  19. I don't cook. Cos I can't, that's why. 
  20. Anti-backstabber.
  21. I wear sunscreen everyday before I go out.
  22. I'm willing to undergo LASIK surgery to correct my near-sightedness. 
  23. A cam-whore.
  24. I got lost on freeway TWICE!
  25. Two things I can't live without; cellphone and internet.

I'm not gonna force any particular blogger friends to do this. So it's all up yours. Anyone care to share?


  1. that is great! I've learned more about you! :) I am anti-backstabbers too and girl! You are lucky to drink like Camel, I dont' drink water at all so I know..poor kidneys :( thanks for this

  2. well devi, i will add #26 random thing about devi:

    #26 Moonlights as warlord in Afghanastan!

    Justin....Justin Credible

  3. @askmewhats: care to share too? :D

    @justin: where have you been? :P

  4. So that's where this meme came from.. I knew it didn't originate on Facebook!

    I want Lasik too! I'm definitely going to get it once my eyes settle down.

  5. Let first do a trial. So for a starter:

    - love to drink two glasses of wine a day ( or three or four)
    - love to bore others to death by rambling on for hours about political issues nobody is interested in
    - prefer the superb Indonesian food in comparison to the French cuisine
    - prefer to be a gentleman who doesn't prefer blondes
    - am the lousiest driver in the world who drove over 2 million kilometers without any accident
    - am totally in love with my granddaughter
    - think Ingmar Bergman made way better movies than Spielberg
    - think Bach equals music and Beyoncé doesn't
    - hate conspicuous consumption
    - hate social inequality

  6. @ko0ty: wow great, that makes two of us!

    @colson: I envy you! I've always wanted to have a glass of red wine every single day before I go to bed ever since I find out lots of the benefits. Too bad I can't find a decent yet affordable (read: cheap) one in town.

  7. #18 never forget means you can't forgive, doesn't it?

  8. @boy: lol. Neah, let me explain that with different words. I forgive everyone that guilty as charged before they even apologize to me. That means I'm trying to be wise to give another second, third, fourth chance (and so on). However when it comes to business/professional matters, if someone cheats/tricked me, keep my words, I won't confront you by filing a lawsuit (esp. if you're one of my best friends or relatives). However after that, you'll get hard times gaining my trust back. That's all.

  9. "I'm lousy when it comes to grammar"

    I think you grammar is good and the vocab is great..,

    I should learn a lot from you.

  10. Hey, I did make one on my blog, it is in the Page instead of Posting. Have a look! (Is Irene Pramudito you are talking about?).

  11. @mystery shopper: *blushing* you're too kind :)

    @parvita: sure, will do! ;) Nope, it isn't. Her name is Irene Rusli.

  12. Can't live without handphone and must be waaaaaay younger than me! You should try living on just one TV channel, TVRI that was in the 70s! But now I'm sort of like you a bit: found out asking a nurse this: "Di sini ada WIFI, ndak?" just before I was hospitalized.

  13. Tee-hee. Hillary Duff and I share the same age LOL! Emberrr, mestinya rumah sakit di Jakarta juga pasang free wifi yah hahahaha...

  14. I drink.. hmm.. around 10 liters everyday.. more than camel I think :p heheh..


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