Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unforgettable Moments of 2008

At first I wanted to make a New Year’s resolution in this post, however I made up my mind. I want to recap how my life goes throughout the year 2008.

This is probably the year when I cried the most, but also the year when I’ve learnt lots of things. No regrets, cos maybe this is the way my life meant to be. This is the time when I need to look back for a while...

  1. Listed as one of Top Indonesian Blogs by Indonesia Matters.
  2. Somebody offered me $50 in return for my blog.
  3. Went to Jakarta Fair with my maternal grandparents.
  4. Had on-and-off relationship with a guy.
  5. Decided to take a college defer due to health reason.
  6. Changed my blog template after two years.
  7. Met up and hung out with Marsha.
  8. Was scammed by a female that pretended to be my high school associate.
  9. Contributed some viewpoints to a book called “100 Blogger Bicara”.
  10. Family business collapsed.
  11. One of my cousins, Bang Andre, passed away.
  12. Got my first blog hater.
  13. Retired from Fashionese Daily forum.
  14. Reunited with Andrew.
  15. Having my very first Blackberry!

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right! It's time to bring the sexyback in 2009 y'all!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Quote of The Day: On Xmas Day

Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself...

~Norman Wesley Brooks, "Let Every Day Be Christmas," 1976

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On December 22, Indonesia dedicates a day honoring mothers. I'd like to write something and dedicated it for my adorable mom to show how much I love and admire her.

She’s a beautiful lady that smiles all the time.
“Family comes first”, she uttered.
She’s already a single parent of 3 by the time she turned 30.
She never gives up on hard times, teaching my younger brothers and I to be tough like her.
She always says she’s still in love with my late father, whenever someone else asks why she isn’t married again.
She never forgets to kiss her kids goodnight.
She always believes in me when I give up and doubt myself about what I can do.  
She hugs and comforts me whenever I cry.
She's a wonder woman.
She's my mom; the one and only.
She’s the best mom I’ve ever had.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I love you!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

5-Year-Old Kiddo

Hi guys, thanks for kindly asking how I was few days ago. It was actually a family business-related matter. No pain, no gain. 

Anyway this is probably my last posting before Christmas, cos I believe I'm gonna do some errands, rush into family gathering and stuffs. (No, I won't do the cooking. I can't cook, LOL)

I'm sure all of you already have a great plan for year-end holiday. So before you catch up the flight and rush for Christmas, I want to show my old pic taken in 1991 (think so).

Picture above portrays a cute obedient 5-year-old kiddo that loves herself to be captured in a camera, but really clueless on how to pose naturally as a kiddo. I mean, how many kids out there have a close-up picture of themselves when they were like 5?

Huh, tell me.

Not sure whether my mom, auntie or grandma who was responsible to do this hairstyle on me. All I can remember is I had tons of those hairbands and accessories back then!

Gosh, I love that bangs; looked fabulous on me-kiddo. I was wondering why most of my hairstylists refused to give me bangs these days LOL.

Last but not least, I wish you all a wonderful celebration of Christmas and HAPPY HOLIDAY!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quote of The Day: On Patience

Six hours waiting for uncertainty may cause your temper raising up high. It happened to me too. Normally that would be the time when I had to take off my butt of the chair and walked away.

Our patience will achieve more than our force. (Dutch proverb)

But thankfully I didn't. I didn't need to say "Thanks for nothing". 

Cos I got SOMETHING, way more than I expected to be. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eucalyptus Body Rub

Last year I got this for free from a friend of mine studying in Sydney, Australia. I never used it until recently cruel mosquitos leave their bites on me. It's a rainy season here in Indonesia, so let's get ready for it! Apart from flood disaster which already be quite a normal thing during the season, please take a good care of your health!

Price: US$24.95 for 30ml
Where to buy: any drugstore in Australia,
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims:
Rub this subtle, evocative and fragrant body rub into chest or weary body parts. Massage into muscles before sports activity to tone up and afterwards to soothe and relax. (yup, us Aussies play lots of sports, so we really need this). Or inhale the fragrance for instant energy (that is why koalas are “so energetic” on gum trees). Apply to tired feet or itchy insect bites (hey, we have plenty of those in summer). Helps on all occasions, mate. Try it!

Beeswax, Almond Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Oils of Jasmine, Cedarwood and Clove.

-Small packaging, easy to travel with.
-Reduce itchiness caused by insect bites.
-Heal the pink wheals overnight like magic!
-Tone up muscles YES, soothe and relax.. Hmm I have no idea. Haven't given a try.

-I don’t really like the eucalyptus smell.
-Giving me an instant energy? I don't think so.
-It's a bit greasy but after you see how it works, you won't give a damn.
-Be careful when turning the lid, it's easily broken.

Will I repurchase? Maybe, cos I don't use it on regular basis thus 30ml lasts long than you thought it would be.

It's actually a cheap stuff that costs you only AU$2 in Australia. Perhaps it's because the country lacks of mosquitos ergo no demand for the products, LOL. I'm not sure if it works on those who has allergic reaction to mosquito bites but I suggest it's worth to try.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's been a long time since I write the latest culinary experience.

Last weekend my girlfriends and I went to Plaza Senayan after Homecoming Alumni Santa Ursula (I'll post that one later, so please be patient).

Chatterbox Cafe is relatively pretty familiar in Jakarta cos I've been there over and over again since I was a kid. My favorite meals back then were Fish and Chip and Chicken Cordon Blue. However since I'm grown up I believe it's time to make a different. Besides, I need to pay extra attention of what I eat to avoid obesity and other diseases. Hence I've been trying not to eat anything fries. Wish me luck!

IDR 35,000

Here's what I got for dinner. No fries! It was a steam-rice with corns and peas that surrounded by sliced of beef, mushroom on top, pak coy and carrots all smothered in the oyster sauce. Tasted great and pretty cheap. In case you were wondering about the name, I was confused myself but I was telling you the real name; a combination of Bahasa and English.

IDR 39,500

These were Rica's.
It's an ordinary hainanese chicken rice along with a soup, but the chicken are fried. Not sure about what it tasted but it looked very delicious!

IDR 36,500

This was Happy's.
Served in a pan but didn't look yummy at all. Maybe it was just my opinion since I didn't like Kuetiaw. Apparently Happy left behind almost half of her meal by the end of the day. She said she was full already, so yeah. I'll let you decide.

As for the appetizer, we ordered Oriental Snack that cost IDR 22,500. It was a combo of chicken wings, onion ring and fried calamary. Surprisingly it came out after the main courses so pardon me for not taking pics during meals LOL.

Hot Green Tea IDR 15,000 (refillable hot water only)
Hot Jasmine Tea IDR 15,000 (refillable hot water only)
Coca Cola IDR 12,000

*All price excluded 15% Government Tax.

CHATTERBOX Cafe offers both local and international menu in affordable price. I also love its relaxed ambience and simple modern interior design. It also has 3 private rooms if you want an intimate moment or simply stay away from the crowd. Definitely one of great places to dine in with family and friends. 

Where to go:
SOGO 5th Floor (next to Kinokuniya Bookstore)
Plaza Senayan

Movie Marathon

Just a desperate thought.

Spending weekend with movie marathon may not be the only choice for me, but as economy sucks I unfortunately have to leave my fancy life for a while. Just kidding. 

But honestly, if I were a gazillionaire I would like to have a white Christmas somewhere overseas or celebrate winterfest 2009 in Europe. *daydreaming* Perhaps I should wait until I find my own sugar daddy, LOL.

Anyways, here’s a quick note for each movie I’ve watched in order;

Starring: Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Weston, Lauren Lee Smith.
When I saw the trailer, I thought it’s the American version of Anatomie but I was wrong. I bet this movie will never launch in Indonesia cos if it does, there’s a lot of scenes that need to be censored. Autopsy procedures of dead bodies were shown pretty obvious (I’m sure it’ll disgust some of you), violent and high level sex scenes are included in the show, that’s why. I was wondering whether the main story occurs in reality, cos that was so creepy.

WANTED (2008).
Starring: James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman.
Just because Angelina Jolie was shown barenaked, that didn’t guarantee the quality of the movie. I'm glad I didn't see it at cinema.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko.
I've read many bad reviews about the movie and sadly they all tell the truth. There were too many hypes and sooo not Bond. Anyway, Kurylenko was running out of luck to be the only Bond Girl that didn't appear to sleep with Bond. Hmm maybe in the next sequel? Who knows.

Starring: Anna Faris, Colin Hanks, Emma Stone.
Another rom-com, nothing special. You’ll probably laugh a time or two, but that's it. Faris' performance is quite similar like her part in "Scary Movie 4", cute but a bit dumb. However Katharine McPhee looked more gorgeous than her in most scenes. What a pity.

HANCOCK (2008).
Starring: Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman.
After admiring Smith's performance at "The Pursuit of Happyness", this movie is such a disappointment; bad story line and really weak main character. In addition to that, his movie deserves to be put in a list entitled "Movies with Bad Endings". *sigh*

Last but not least, I've been looking forward to watching the complete season 2 of Lipstik Jungle! Yay!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting used with the Bold

So I end up with Blackberry Bold

I got it last week, as soon as Andrew arrived in Jakarta. He had already said on the phone that it's gonna be a special gift for me  a gift that costs most of his part-time salary LOL– but I was still excited though to hold it for the first time in my hands!

If I have to come up with a reason why it took me a week to update this blog, the answer will definitely be the new cellphone.

The picture you see was taken by Andrew. I've taken some pictures myself, but didn't get the result I was looking for. Maybe I'll upload it later, along with a product review. *fingers crossed*

Even though it's not my first time deploying smartphones (I once had an HP iPAQ but soon figured that 'touch screen' is not my thing), this is my first time using a QWERTY keyboard cellphone. There is no doubt I found difficulties to start with, but no need to worry. You'll get over it. Apparently I've been getting used to it within a week.

Some people I know said that Blackberry is way too expensive and not worth it. Surprisingly so far I like it. I believe it can reduce stress during awful traffic jam, queueing, waiting to see a (very popular) doctor in a clinic, etc. 

What are things I can do to avoid getting stressed out with my black beauty Bold?
IM Chatting, Facebook-ing, bloghopping, Ping-ing friends via Blackberry Messenger, replying e-mails, playing BrickBreaker/Word Mole/Sudoku/Klondike and many more.

Anyway if you have one and wish to exchange PIN with me, simply write to me so I can add you too!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Save Lipstick Jungle!

By watching religiously the complete first season of Lipstick Jungle in Star World, I've already fallen in love with the show. The story is so genuine, represents what modern women actually have to deal with when it comes to two difficult options; family or career. Moreover, there are lots of conflicts, romances, intrigues and major success along with beautiful friendship of 3 gorgeous women delivered gracefully. I think it's a mature version of Sex and the City, but I can never compare them in details cos I've never seen SATC before (and not plan to see it now). 

Anyway, I stumbled upon The Writer's Blog saying that LJ's numbers aren't high enough to keep the show on the air. The show would be stopped prematurely. Fortunately there's a good news that NBC will air all 13 episodes of the season 2. However, we still haven't got any certainty whether the season 3 will be produced or not.

So this is the time to show that you care! If you love to see more of Lipstick Jungle, please don't forget to sign the petition on-line here. And for US citizens, you can send a tube of lipstick to Mr.Silverman (any shade will do), the head of NBC, at the following address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608. Don't forget to pray.

At the moment, there are 9056 total signatures on Jungle Petition and keep growing.


*Image is courtesy of

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nana May's Magic Facial Scrub

Today I'm gonna review one of my winning gifts from Nikki.

What is it?
A delicate mix of beautiful salts and oils to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, aka a miracle replacing the 3-step skin regimen (cleanser-toner-moisturizer). It comes with a plastic spatula to stir and mix the ingredients, and also to dig them out.

What it claims:
Excellent for controlling teenage acne and great for mature skin, leaving you feeling silky smooth. Also effective for relieving the symptoms of skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis. It also treats Tinea, Dry Itchy Skin, Cracked Heels and Smelly Feet. Great for anyone with hands constantly in water - Nurses, Hairdressers, Mums, Chefs and Kitchen Hands. 

My first impression... 
The packaging is a hexagonal glass jar, very similar to Tiger Balm, LOL.

Dead Sea Salts, Celtic Salts, Essentials Oils of Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Chamomile; and Carrier Oils of Jojoba, Vitamin E, Apricot Seed, Avocado and Hazelnut.

Product: 4 out of 5
Quality: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

Will I re-purchase? Yes

Where to buy and how much does it cost? 
On-line or check out their distributors near your location here. Available in 60gr, 120gr and 240gr with price vary from $39 to $69. For South East Asia residents, you may purchase it at Tiny Tapir. There's also available in gift pack (Magic Facial Scrub and Magic Hands of 50gr each) for RM80 only.

- 3-in-1 product, it saves time (and money) in your skin regiment!
- All natural ingredients; there are no added chemicals and no animal testing.
- Great exfoliating and nourishing treatment.
- Love the brrr sensation after application.
- It does make my skin left moisturized.

- Just like Nikki said, it's a bit messy to apply. So I recommend you to do it in your washroom.
- I wish they have a better packaging. I was accidentally cause the jar shaken and the oil leaked everywhere on my make-up station. *sigh*

What else you need to know:
When using the facial scrub, you should avoid the eye area as much as possible, and wait a short time for absorptions of the oils before using your eye serum after the scrub. There is a slim chance that there may be a reaction between the two products, so if any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately. Should this be the case, it may be better to use the scrub in the morning, and the eye cream in the evening or vice versa.

Want it for free? Here's a good news for you! Paris B has been carrying fabulous "My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway" and that includes a gift set of this product sponsored by Tiny Tapir. Simply participate in the contest (terms and conditions apply) and I wish you all best of luck!

Any questions?
By phone: +61 7 54488106
Fax: +61 7 5448906

By phone: +60 14 3277971
E-mail them here.

Check their website for current prices and special offers on each month!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Recipe for Successful Personal Blogging

Disclaimer: I quoted this posting from Katy, the author of cos I think it covers almost everything I could think of, in details. 

Below are what she thinks that makes a successful personal blog;
  • Good design. Yes I know it should always be content > design but I’m a designer and one of the things I use to judge whether to stay at a blog or not is the design. Besides, you basically have 3 seconds to capture the user’s attention before they click on the X button. It’s a shame because some people have great entries but I CAN’T READ IT because their font is too tiny for my half-blind-self and there is no absolutely contrast anywhere. And I don’t like the fact that the Hanson brothers are glaring at me while I read your blog (wait, are they still alive?). You don’t have to be an awesome designer and create incredibly sexy graphics but some things you should consider:
White space - The reader will need somewhere to rest their eyes especially on a blog with a lot of text. Clutter isn’t really attractive and unless you can make it work, don’t.
Color and contrast - Light text on dark background and/or vice versa. I personally prefer white/black/neutral background colors for blogs because it doesn’t hurt the eyes after staring at it for a long time. Can you imagine reading my incredibly long ramblings on a bright red background? Ah.
Line height & text size - Tiny 8pt fonts and tight line-spacing is NOT user-friendly and so 2003.
Refrain use of celebrity blends - Again that is SO 2003. I used those at 14 *hangs head in shame* when I was still mall-ratting with my bestfriend at Metrotown and creating layouts for my xKube page (shameless plug for my good old beloved online community).

  • Use a common/friendly writing style and toneI’m inclined to sojourn beyond from blogs accompanying superlatively scholarly chirography peculiarity >> BIG NO NO! I tend to stay away from blogs with over-the-top academic writing style. Good, I get that you are smart but I don’t care because I have a billion other blogs to read and I don’t have time to look up every word you write on If your blog is conversational in tone, it will draw in more readers because they can relate to you and people don’t get bored by your super long words most of us won’t even use in real life conversations. Also, a little bit of sarcasm, humor and wit goes a long way. Have some fun, don’t be too serious (life is too short… blah blah blah). Oh and I used for every word in the first sentence so obviously I’m not academic at all because it doesn’t even make sense. Muhaha.
  • Don’t blog about your break ups. Nobody cares.
  • Don’t post lyrics. That’s just lame.
  • Pictures. Everybody likes pictures! Just make sure to resize and compress them so they don’t slow down the loading time and if you’re going to have a lot, use thumbnails, pretty please.
  • Link others! If another blog/website inspired your entry, it’s common courtesy to link and you might get a link back in the future. It’s all about NETWORKING baby!
  • Listen to your readers. If they like something you write, write more about it. It doesn’t mean you have to turn your blog into a niche blog (read next point) but if you balance out your topics, you can keep those readers coming.
  • Blog about stuff you actually enjoy. Everyone is telling me I should narrow down my blog topics and cater to a specific niche but I can’t because I HAVE BLOGGING A.D.D! I have way too many interests to concentrate on one specific topic and if I do, it’ll probably bring down the quality of my entries because it’s not something I want to do. Besides, I don’t have time to run multiple blogs and making money off my blog isn’t one of my top priorities. You know how to say once a hobby becomes your main stream of income, it sucks the fun out of it? Totally true. So what do I think? Write about whatever you want and if you’re patient, you’ll find people who will enjoy your blog.
  • Ignore last point if your priority is to make money from your blog. Because then you’ll probably want to target a specific niche market.
  • Write for yourself first. And then write for your readers. Who cares what others think; what makes you different will make you stand out and people will remember you. Be controversial and stir up some drama if needed (as in controversial topics, not shitting on somebody for no reason). Once you start blogging, you’ll start getting haters but they’ll keep on coming back because they’re intrigued by you and they say that once you start getting them, that means your blog is getting popular. Not that that’s entirely a good thing but at least you’re getting somewhere.
  • RSS Feeds. I didn’t start using Google Reader until about a year ago because I preferred going to someone’s actual website but as my blogroll grew, that started getting harder and more tedious to do SO THANK GOD FOR RSS. ♥ Make sure you have a visible link to your RSS feed somewhere on your blog so people can subscribe.
My confession:
Gee, I don't have any white space (I used to in the old template), did I ever cause you guys a headache? I blog about my break ups and post lyrics occasionally, LOL. Anyway, the bottomline is never give up! Heroes never have it easy. 

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Wishlist

Here goes my short wishlist...
  • Health, that's the only one I ask for ASAP.
  • White christmas!
  • Health and jubilation for my mom.
  • Blackberry Bold to exchange my old SE K750i. Coming soon!
  • New BF, LOL.
  • An excursion to Medan and Manado.
  • Promotion and year-end bonus for Keisar.
  • Good law school for Andrew.
  • A brand new Honda CRV in silver/black, automatic transmission.
  • More handbags please!
Wish me best of luck! :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Fashion Sense

Hi guys, how's your weekend? Hope y'all have had a great one. I couldn't believe I woke up this morning and it's already the first day of December. Christmas is all around so get ready with your wishlist! Gosh, it's true that time it's flying by too fast!
Anyway I've been trying to utilize Adobe Photoshop to make a composite of my outfits thus today's post is an assessment of my fashion sense.

Whether you've got £20 to spend in Top Shop or £2,000 to spend at Gucci, looking good isn't about money, it's about style, and style never goes out of fashion. ---Victoria Beckham

(Background here)

Never ask me what kinda style I carry on daily basis cos I honestly have no idea. I love to keep it simple along with chic, classy and sometimes sexy. Despite the fact that I want to try something edgy, fashion avant-garde like Madonna or Rihanna, I always play it safe.     

My fashion essentials:
  1. White Shirt. White is my favorite color! Trust me, you must have at least one in your closet. It's basic, timeless and easy to mix 'n match with jeans, long chain necklace, scarf, you name it!
  2. High Heels. Visualize 5'6" of me with 7-inch heels walking down the street for an hour. You don't feel my back pain, you only see how sexy I am. If you have to choose a pair, get a black one.
  3. Great Handbags. If Cinderella hearts a pair of dainty glass slippers, I can't walk away without carrying one of my lovely handbags. Patent is a good choice, but I encourage you to pick something that suits your character and necessities.
  4. Scarves/Pashminas/Shawls. Since I don't belong in a four-season country, buying a trench coat seems unreasonable. My first scarf was my paternal grandma's and I liked it ever since! It's a great substitute for necklace or brooch, as well as to reduce the windchill.
  5. Sunglasses. Unintentionally trendspotting Nicole Richie and The Olsen Twins, I've been feeling the benefit of using sunglasses. Take care of your beautiful eyes from the glare of the sun especially nowadays due to global warming. Better late than sorry!     

Other than already mentioned above indicates that they're complementary to me.