Friday, August 29, 2008

Brand Celebration of The Body Shop

August 27, 2008. 12.30 PM
Crystal Lagoon, Senayan City

For the very first time in Jakarta, The Body Shop (TBS) held a brand celebration to introduce their new concept "Nature's Way to Beautiful" and the upcoming mineral make-up line called "Nature's Minerals". The event itself was strictly limited to TBS People, the loyal customers of TBS. I'm sorry girls, I couldn't take you to the event cos the invitation is only valid for one person :(

Outfit of the Day:

The dresscode was 'Express Your Natural Beauty'. I believed it has something to do with mineral make-up promotion. Actually I wanted to have a boho-chic style as for the outfit, however I made up my mind on the last minute. I didn't think I can pull off that style LOL!

Dress: tailor-made
Cropped jacket: MNG
Wide belt: Gaudi
Bag: Anya Hindmarch "I'm not a Plastic Bag"
Flats: North Star

The event started half-an-hour late, but it was great overall. TBS totally indulged its customers during the event. There were mainly 2 product ranges on the exhibition; WELLBEING (available at stores) and Nature's Minerals preview (will be available at stores on Oct 3, 2008).

Everybody had chance to get free hand massage, using products from WELLBEING range. I tried Relaxing massage oil and Sublime body lotion from Divine Calm line. First thing I remembered, the hand massage was fantastic. I felt relaxed for couple minutes, until a skinny old lady approached. She definitely didn't have a good manner by fussing about her turn and getting my nerves. Bitch! Lucky me, the staff who served me the massage was professional. She kept doing my hands without rushing. Nice!

The next stop was the make-up booth. All women were eager to try it on their face. I didn't show too much enthusiasm cos there was huge crowd there. Besides, mineral make-up was not something new for me. I had tried Everyday Minerals and Ciel Minerals, for instance. I took pictures while I was waiting to kill boredom.

Nature's Minerals offers 3 product lines for face, cheek and eyes. They have 4 different shades of foundation/powder, 4 blush colors and 6 colors of eye shadows. Yet, they also got minerals accessories like face brush (kabuki), blusher brush (baby kabuki), and eye shadow brush. The Beauty Advisors claim that the mineral make-up and accessories are complementary. We are not supposed to use other brushes cos it shall be a waste of efforts, they warned. In my opinion, you can use other mineral brushes you have as long as they have soft bristles.

The Nature's Minerals foundation/powder already contains SPF 25, so you can save more time on your skin regimes by skipping sunblock application after moisturizer. It's lightweight and proven safe for sensitive skin. Quick tip before you choosing foundation shade: choose shade 1-level brighter than your skintone. Why? Cos they will oxidize on your skin in few minutes after application.

I tried foundation shade 01 and "warm copper" blush (shimmery orange). I also tried 2 colors of the eye shadow, however I cannot recall their names. I think it was platinum (silver color) and a touch of gold color as the highlighter. The verdict: I love it! It gave me a natural and dewy look. 

The IDR-338,000-worth goodie bag

Inside the goodie bag:
a FULL SIZE blush of the upcoming Nature's Minerals (Pink Quartz), a Nature's Minerals blusher blush, 6 generous samples from various range (Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist, Total Energy Pulse Point Balm, Wise Woman Regenerating Day Cream, Aqua Lily EDT, Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation SPF25, and Vitamin E Moisture Cream), and a book of postcards. Oh I almost forgot, they also gave away voucher 20% off all items valid for one day only.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


A guy sent me a dramatic (love) poem two days ago. 

I was a bit shocked, cos as far as I'm concern, I never got a poem from a guy. I didn't know what to say, so I simply told him "nice". Believe it or not, at first I thought it was a lyrics of a song LOL. 

I am the cloud
Nothing you see about
Dancing ghost in your heart
Near you yet apart

I am the wind
The very air you breathe
Feel me yet none can see
My dwell come and go free

I am the fire
I am your burning desire
I shall give you warmth
Yet near me you be charred

I am the water
Flowing in destiny forever
You need me to live
Yet I drown you complete

Without me you shan’t be
Be with me you might be
Shall you chance the un-be
To leave the forever not be

FYI, the guy is no Mr. E. It was such a shame, but well, I am now pronouncing Mr. E is history.

Btw, below is my song-of-the-moment:

Shall I be addicted to you?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spread the Words!

I was in the middle of bloghopping, and stumbled upon Rima's posting. Somehow I'm feeling ashamed of myself; I live and grow up in Jakarta, however I didn't notice this letter until a blogger friend of mine (living thousand miles away in Belgium) took it seriously. Well, I guess not everyone reads newspapers/news site, right? *trying to make a self-defense, LOL*

Below are the copy-paste of a very honest opinion of Jakarta:
My name is Daniel Rais Abin. I am a 19-year-old hotel management trainee living in Portugal. I spent the first twelve years of my life in Jakarta together with my parents and my younger brother.

In 2001, we moved to Germany (after my parent’s divorce) as my mother is German. I moved to Portugal after finishing my Abitur.

Every year, I come and visit my father and grandparents in Jakarta. I never noticed the things I am about to write about here because they all seemed normal to me. Maybe that is the problem — everybody takes the Jakarta of today as it is. It seems normal to everyone.

A few days ago, I was on my way to one of the many walls here in Jakarta when I suddenly noticed, recognized and understood something.

As we were passing the new advertisements for Kemang Village and The Mansion, I also noticed some youngsters around my age just sitting around on the streets. I came to think, do they have a bright future? Do they have the same chances in life that I have?

Shortly after, I also saw a beggar knocking on a window of an expensive car asking for small change. He held a starving child who looked very weak, maybe even sick, in his arms. They were sent away with just a simple snobby wave of the driver’s hand.

At that moment it came to me. The Jakarta of today is too focused on becoming a wealthy tourist city and pleasing the wealthy rather than trying to save the majority of its people from poverty.

Everywhere you look, you can find luxury homes. Since I moved to Germany in 2001, the number of malls here has increased significantly. Logically, most of the shops in the malls are not affordable for the majority of Jakartans.

Instead, of investing in expensive luxury facilities, just to fill up the almost unending bank accounts of the investors, why not invest in affordable homes for low-income families? Why not fill up on good conscience and at the same time help the ones who are in need of financial support?

The most probable answer is that it won’t bring in as much money as a luxury facility would. This goes without further question. But don’t investors have enough money?

Maybe, a company could make money by, for example, building a facility for low-income families under their name. Is it not highly probable that more people might want the products of a socially active company?

Another subject which I want to mention is the mentality of the wealthy. Many people I have talked to here — young and old — are more interested in materialism than social thoughts.

They are too busy trying to polish and decorate their important reputation with very expensive objects such as cars, phones, mansions and jewelry even though they possess a sufficient number of these items, to look out the window and face reality.

Again, in my opinion, this does not have to be. I don’t want to offend anyone by writing this.

I am not one to judge anyone. All I want is for people to start thinking about these things. I hope that even though I am young, people will take this article seriously for the good of the wonderful, innocent people of Jakarta.
If you really concern about Jakarta for the better future, please write about this in your blog to give a wake-up call to our fellow Jakartans, and yet Indonesians in general.