Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Would You Splurge On Education?

There's only one thing people can't steal from you...

Sentence above is one of my all-time favorite motto given by former high-school principal of Santa Ursula Catholic Girls School and the author of THINK: Notes of An Educator, Sr. Francesco Marianti OSU during freshman parents' briefing.

It was the first and the most undebatable argument when few parents were whining about how expensive the school-fee costs. At that time, IDR 12 million ($1,300) was subjected as entrance fee and IDR 350,000 ($39) as the monthly fee.

I admittedly didn't have that much money, and for that I'm very grateful to be able to spend my 3-year-senior-school there; a school with a very good reputation of discipline and achievements of the alumnus. Generally, most of Catholic Schools provide cross-subsidy for lower middle class student who has a good potential, so you don't have to be afraid to apply at the first time.

Well, expensive school fee doesn't guarantee you it's a good school, but I'm sure a good school will cost you pretty expensive. Don't forget to consider the facilities given e.g. computer lab along with super-fast internet, science lab, amphitheater, gymnasium, and so on.

Gee, sorry, I didn't mean to give lecture how-to-choose-school-for-your-children. My point is, there's a price for a quality.

I believe that to broaden knowledge I can't just take it for granted. There's an ironic fact I can't deny myself; most people are willing to splurge for leisure, but not to education. Lately in my contemplation, I ended up shaking my head and throwing a grim smile, thinking... Why do I need to take a long time to buy books (unless I have to) and not to magazines? It applies the same way too on movies, gourmet, fashion & beauty shopping cos I love them so much. A-ha! Stupid me.

Fortunately some people have reminded me how important to bring education to life. I think so. Thanks guys!

Anyway I've found 2 great seminars that I really wanted to attend; "BRANDING YOU" by Mario Teguh, my favorite business consultant, and 2-day-seminar "Shout it Loud: Women in Leadership Festival 2008" by Meutia Hatta, minister for women empowerment, and other great speakers like Betty Alisjahbana (Former CEO of IBM Indonesia), Josef Bataona (Director of Unilever), Sari Narulita (Editor in Chief of Star Media), and many more. The show will be hosted by former Miss Indonesia 2004, Artika Sari Devi.

I missed Mario Teguh's seminar on April 2 due to my classes at university, and also the price of the ticket; IDR 1,25 million ($138). Regret always come late.. BTW, if you want to see his summary of Business Art talkshow in O Channel, you can download the PDF file (in Indonesian) or just want to read it here.. for free.

As for the Meutia Hatta's, it will cost me IDR 1,2 million ($133), not so different from the first one. I really want to, unfortunately I really don't have that much money currently. Besides, I also have classes to go before my mid-session running next week.

Any advice, anyone?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

J'adore Mr. E

... means "I adore you Mr. E".

Who the heck is Mr. E?

Mr. E was my old crush way back in high school. We were dated for only 3 months. I can't agree more with people calling it a puppy love.

He was nice, when it comes to my very first impression. Yet I realized he was a shy guy and quite childish too. He didn't have too many friends at school, only one best friend, even-though he was pretty active participating in School Board. He didn't try to build conversation with my friends and I was like.. "How could he talk sooo much to me and not to others?" Hmpf!

Last week I met him again for the first time after 6 years separated by distance and the hustle-bustle of life.


He's changed a LOT. My kind of Prince Charming, I supposed. LOL. He was wearing business attire, talking very polite to others (including me), looking very excited and happy all the time, and his mobile phone ringing every 30 minutes. He's cute, YES.

Picking up and dropping me home is not a big deal, but waiting me for shopping time at Plaza Senayan? He handled it with care :-)
I adore his patience and warm smile. Just like William A. Ward says, "A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."

Finally I will close the story by answering a question that I'm sure will be asked by at least one of you:

So is it time for you (refers to me, as the author of this story) to make a brand new love story?

I don't know. It's love, not a science --- there are no rules or perfect calculation formula to get the final result.

*Image is courtesy of Nikki