Monday, February 25, 2008

Save The Energy, Save The World

Just because I am not one of environmental activists nor writers, it doesn't mean that I don't give a damn to global issues like stop-use-plastic-bags campaign or recentlywhat people all over the world talk aboutglobal warming. The world has been getting hot for sure, I can feel it myself right here in Jakarta.

If USA requires a perfect storm to cause blackout on southeast coast, a six-hour-non-stop rain is all what it takes to do so in Jakarta. Flood becomes our special guest coming every year. Soon after the presence of flood, the city undergoes a blackout for few hours or even days. This cycles have been running until now.

Once upon a time in early February this year, the blackout happened in my residence at the middle of the night. Me, who was about to go to sleep, apparently stayed awake until the sun rose because I couldn't tolerate the heat, remember? I desperately needed the air-con to keep me comfortable while I were sleeping.

I felt so miserable without electricity that night. Suddenly I realized how important to save the energy from now on.

Below are the easy, painless, and harmless tips for saving energy (by BBC News);

    TVs: On average a traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) television set uses 100 watts of power when in use and about two watts on standby. Newer LCD and plasma screens are higher users of energy, with the largest models consuming up to 400 watts when in use and about four watts on standby.

DVD players: Consumers can safely switch off most DVD players/recorders, hard disk recorders or video recorders purchased in recent years, according to the Energy Saving Trust. They should not need to retune the devices when they are switched back on or have to contend with the dreaded flashing clock as the machines usually retain their settings.However, manufacturers recommend that some satellite TV receivers be left in standby when not in use so they can receive updates.

Computers: It may not be practical to turn a computer on-and-off if it is to be used throughout the day. However, the Energy Saving Trust suggests turning the monitor off when not in use. Peripherals like printers and scanners should also be turned off when not in use. Leaving unnecessary items on standby is said to costs each household an average of £37 a year.


If chargers for devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players were unplugged when not in use, the UK could save enough electricity each year to power 115,000 homes. Chargers are not huge energy consumers in their own right, but across the UK those left plugged in unnecessarily waste over £60m and are responsible for a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. If a charger feels warm when it is plugged in without being attached to a device it is still converting energy.


UK households spend £1.9bn on electricity every year for lighting. According to the Energy Saving Trust there is no truth in the belief that turning lights on causes a surge that uses up more electricity. "If you are going out of a room for half and hour, or even 10 minutes, turn the lights off," said Dr Paula Owen, of the Energy Saving Trust. "It does not harm the electricity supply or the bulbs. There is no point in burning electricity for no reason." If all UK households replaced one light bulb with an energy efficient one, the money saved could pay about 75,000 family fuel bills a year.


Washing clothes at 30C as opposed to 40C, uses 40% less energy and is generally as efficient, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Modern powders are designed to be more effective at lower temperatures. Over-dependence on tumble dryers can also contribute to energy wastage. Consumers are being encouraged to make sure they buy Energy Saving Recommended models when buying new appliances such as washing machines and fridges.


Turning the thermostat down by 1C can cut more than 10% from the average central heating bill. Similarly, reaching for a jumper rather than turning the thermostat up when it gets really cold can be effective. Check that your water isn't too hot. The cylinder thermostat should not need to be set higher than 60°C/140°F. And dripping taps can waste enough water in a week to fill a bath. Households with boilers over 15 years old are also advised to think about having them replaced it with a newer energy efficient model. High efficiency condensing boilers can save a third on heating bills. A major source of heat loss is through walls and windows so double glazing, closing curtains, cavity and loft insulation can prove to be cost-effective ways to save energy.


*Image is taken from here

Friday, February 22, 2008

Link Time!!!

  • Do you had enough with your breakfast? I'm totally sick with my regular-chain-breakfast-menu; fried rice, chicken porridge, instant noodle, toasted bread, or even J.Co's donuts! Yes, donuts accompanied by milk or hot tea in the morning. That's why I really envy Jamie Wodetzki, the owner of The Breakfast Blog. Picture above is the breakfast menu of Mart 130, Middle Park, called corn fritters. Maybe next time I visit Melbourne, I'll pay one for this.
  • Are you new to Melbourne? Here's a blog guide to Melbourne's coffee shops by Benji Lanyado.
  • Yamaha C370 Guitar is up FOR SALE. It's ex-my brother. Bought in 2006 to learn music as he swore for, but finally made up his mind that "music is not my thing".

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pancious Pancake House

Apart from shopping and fashion-related stuff, I always eager to go to places offering new dining experience. At the first grand opening, I was passing by to Carrefour ITC Permata Hijau when I saw a glimpse of a new red house. There were lots of cars parked around. I thought it was an office, LOL.

Soon after, reviews and publicity of this first pancake house in Indonesia are around the blogosphere, magazines, and newsletters. WOW! Even my bff was dying to taste the famous original pancake with almonds and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It looks the same with J.Co's alcapone for me; must be sweet and yummy.

I've been there 3 times in the last 4 months. I've bitten blackforest pancake, smoked beef pancake, original pancake (only with butter and maple syrup), chicken steak, and the sandwich club.

Finally I've made up my mind that I will not eat any sweet-category pancake anymore. It's just too much sugar, too many calories to get me closer to diabetes. The sandwich club is fine, however there's nothing to be proud of. Nevertheless, the chicken steak is great! I love the fresh salad and the crispy fries.

has indoor room and outdoor tables, which offers another view on the pool side. It's a good place to enjoy family day, or chatting with friends. If you live nearby and don't really have much time to spend, don't worry, it provides delivery service too. Call for details.

Pancious Pancake House

Jl. Permata Hijau Blok A No. 12
Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-5304325
Fax: 021-5305617

Or available at Pacific Place Mall #5-39.
Phone: 021-57973360
Opening Hours: 10.00-22.00 Mon-Sun & public holiday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

On Valentine's Day

Some people say today is a must-celebrate-full-of-love day. A week or two before today, sales rate on pink things in any formdolls, roses, greeting cards, cute framesincrease 100% statistically. Thanks to merry couples flaunting their mutual bliss on February 14.

Anyway I'd like to share my own Valentine's pick.

(Click for bigger image)

(from left to right)

1. Christian Louboutin Covered Platform Peep-toe Pumps $760 via Neiman Marcus.
2. Miu Miu Spongy Leather Rounded Tote $1,015 via Net-a-Porter.
3. Versace Fitted Shift Dress $1,300 via eLuxury.
4. If you feel for less pink, you can wear this fabulous Fendi Silk Colorblock Dress $1,710 via eLuxury.

Happy Valentine's Day friends! Have a nice day.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Being Listed on Top Indonesian Blogs

Thanks to the person who lets me know about this list on my tagboard yesterday, and kudos to Patung, Indonesia Matters' main author, who made this thing happened.

(Click for bigger image)

My blog gets #26 rank, 4 Google Page Rank, 7,309 Yahoo Link Count, 11 Bloglines RSS Subscribers, 0 Social Bookmarks, 158,109 Technorati Blog Rank, 2,012,744 Alexa Traffic Rank, and 7.7 score.

Undoubtedly, I am very surprised yet happy to be honored as one of the Top 100 Indonesian Bridge Blog. Yay!

Indonesia Matters takes "cultural change" issues in Indonesia like Islamization, globalization, and westernization as the primary site themes. The commitment to be a good quality, popular, and profitable, have urged those behind this site to provide a very high standard of writing/typing.

Top 100 Indonesian Blogs is a list of ranking system to show how popular each blog is, based on 6 factors; Google Page Rank, Yahoo Link Count, Bloglines RSS Subscribers, Social Bookmarks, Technorati Blog Rank, and Alexa Traffic Rank. It has separated lists in 4 different languages; English, Indonesian, Javanese, and Sundanese.

If you wish to be listed too, you can add your site or read the complete information here and here.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2559

Turn on your fireworks, wear a red Cheongsam dress, say your prayer, and feel gratitude for passing the Year of Pig and yet entering the Year of Rat.

No regrets!

Wishing you all health, prosperity, and happiness through the new year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Xin Nian Kuai Le. Zhu Ni Shenthi Ji
ànkän. Quenjiä Xingfu. Wànshi Ru Yie.

*Image is taken from
The Space of HF Yap

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Link Time!!!

Starting today, once or twice every month I will create a post entitled "Link Time!!!". It contains the highlights of my bloghopping that I'm interested in.

  • Former Miss Indonesia 2001, Angelina Sondakh, decided to take a break from blogging, in the mean time new rising star Dian Sastro starts blogging and of course; getting a lot of responders. She must be the pioneer of Indonesian Celebrity Blog. [via Enda]
  • I don't buy comic books anymore cos I fall in love with The Bitter Stickgirl. OMG, I can't stop laughing!
  • Valentine's Day is around the corner. Start a new tradition of giving with Gifts of Service; gifts that do a world of good.
  • "I Love You" in many different language all around the world. Interesting.

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