Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unforgettable Moments of 2008

At first I wanted to make a New Year’s resolution in this post, however I made up my mind. I want to recap how my life goes throughout the year 2008.

This is probably the year when I cried the most, but also the year when I’ve learnt lots of things. No regrets, cos maybe this is the way my life meant to be. This is the time when I need to look back for a while...

  1. Listed as one of Top Indonesian Blogs by Indonesia Matters.
  2. Somebody offered me $50 in return for my blog.
  3. Went to Jakarta Fair with my maternal grandparents.
  4. Had on-and-off relationship with a guy.
  5. Decided to take a college defer due to health reason.
  6. Changed my blog template after two years.
  7. Met up and hung out with Marsha.
  8. Was scammed by a female that pretended to be my high school associate.
  9. Contributed some viewpoints to a book called “100 Blogger Bicara”.
  10. Family business collapsed.
  11. One of my cousins, Bang Andre, passed away.
  12. Got my first blog hater.
  13. Retired from Fashionese Daily forum.
  14. Reunited with Andrew.
  15. Having my very first Blackberry!

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right! It's time to bring the sexyback in 2009 y'all!


  1. A look at this summary list makes clear you lived through a really eventful year. Including a "flash light relationship" ( the on and off one, I mean)and a scamming lady.

    I'm looking forward to your accounts of life in 2009. I yours will be one with lot of exciting good news.

  2. hepi nu year, Devi :)


  3. wow...what a list... yes, an eventful year of 2008!

    happy new year and wish you a wonderful 2009!

  4. satu nomor lagi ditambah, kenal blog friend namanya alice ^^ hehehe..

    anyway, happy new year 2009 dev, wish u all the best!

  5. selamat tahun baru…mudah-mudahan kesehatan dan keberkahan senantiasa berlimpah di tahun ini

  6. @colson: betcha! :) Best wishes to you too!

    @ian: Happy New Year to you too!

    @mer: thanks. Wishing you all the best too :)

    @alice: hahaha, ok deh Lice.. ;)

    @arya: thank you.


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