Friday, December 05, 2008

Save Lipstick Jungle!

By watching religiously the complete first season of Lipstick Jungle in Star World, I've already fallen in love with the show. The story is so genuine, represents what modern women actually have to deal with when it comes to two difficult options; family or career. Moreover, there are lots of conflicts, romances, intrigues and major success along with beautiful friendship of 3 gorgeous women delivered gracefully. I think it's a mature version of Sex and the City, but I can never compare them in details cos I've never seen SATC before (and not plan to see it now). 

Anyway, I stumbled upon The Writer's Blog saying that LJ's numbers aren't high enough to keep the show on the air. The show would be stopped prematurely. Fortunately there's a good news that NBC will air all 13 episodes of the season 2. However, we still haven't got any certainty whether the season 3 will be produced or not.

So this is the time to show that you care! If you love to see more of Lipstick Jungle, please don't forget to sign the petition on-line here. And for US citizens, you can send a tube of lipstick to Mr.Silverman (any shade will do), the head of NBC, at the following address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608. Don't forget to pray.

At the moment, there are 9056 total signatures on Jungle Petition and keep growing.


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  1. Seriously??? I LOVE lipstick jungle. It really portrays what's currently happening right now, more and more women become independent (and superior) but the men of course won't admit it. Sayang banget kalo show nya gets discontinued.

  2. @adya.joko: sadly yes. Have you signed the petition already? I hope the NBC executives will consider about it. I really want to see what happens with Wendy, Nico, Victory, Kirby and Joe Bennet in the end!

  3. I love that show...oh wait, got to go, if i hurry i can catch the last 10 minutes of it!!!

    Justin....Justin Credible

  4. are the series really good?

    *langsung ke mangga dua cari dvd-nya...

  5. Maybe you should add it at your Christmast Wishlist *hmm*

  6. The pilot show usually indicates whether the show is a good one or not, and unfortunately I didn't think that way when I saw the pilot episode of Lipstick Jungle. Perhaps because I was expecting it to be like SATC which I really missed a lot!

    I do however like Gossip Girl, Privileged, Ugly Betty and Samantha Who?

    I prefer light, comedy dramas than serius ones.

  7. @justin: glad you love it too. Have you signed the petition?

    @boy: for me, it's a definite yes.

    @aziz: at least you did something.

    @avante: :)

    @therry: I watched Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl. Shame on Ugly Betty, other than their 1st season, they're all stupid flicks. The stories are dodgy.

  8. Je n'ai pas été à regarder cette série avant, car la lecture de cet article, je suis intéressé, comment puis-je participer à cette pétition?

  9. @arielz: no French please! :P

  10. ben Arielz, le lien est dans l'article (juste click surJungle Petition)- tu peux regarder la series sur mon blog jai mis ts les episodes..

    Sorry guys for the french, I add to answer to the comment earlier because "Arielz" was asking for info about the show.

    i'm really sad that the show is getting cancelled, but it might already be too late, Lindsay Price has already been cast in a new tv show

    new tv show

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