Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On December 22, Indonesia dedicates a day honoring mothers. I'd like to write something and dedicated it for my adorable mom to show how much I love and admire her.

She’s a beautiful lady that smiles all the time.
“Family comes first”, she uttered.
She’s already a single parent of 3 by the time she turned 30.
She never gives up on hard times, teaching my younger brothers and I to be tough like her.
She always says she’s still in love with my late father, whenever someone else asks why she isn’t married again.
She never forgets to kiss her kids goodnight.
She always believes in me when I give up and doubt myself about what I can do.  
She hugs and comforts me whenever I cry.
She's a wonder woman.
She's my mom; the one and only.
She’s the best mom I’ve ever had.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I love you!


  1. @nacosu & alice: thank you!

    @avante: you have to! :p

  2. happy mother's day buat mommy nya yah...n of course buat devi yg bakal jadi ibu juga someday hehehe...

  3. she must be so proud of you dev :)

  4. sekarang tau deh, darimana devi dapet wajah cantik-nya. :)

  5. selamat hari ibu dan salam kenal yach hehehee....

  6. Being a mother....
    It's 24 hours job, no pay, no day off, seldom appreciated and impossible to resign. But still proud be a mother.

    I proud to a mother duty. If you have time, perhaps you would like to visit :

  7. Sorry for the late reply.

    @tiara: thanks. Yeah, someday...

    @adya.joko: thank you! :) Think so :P

    @opi: hahaha, bisa aja lo :P

    @suhendrawan: salam kenal juga :)

    @tikno: Happy Mother's Day to you then!


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