Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting used with the Bold

So I end up with Blackberry Bold

I got it last week, as soon as Andrew arrived in Jakarta. He had already said on the phone that it's gonna be a special gift for me  a gift that costs most of his part-time salary LOL– but I was still excited though to hold it for the first time in my hands!

If I have to come up with a reason why it took me a week to update this blog, the answer will definitely be the new cellphone.

The picture you see was taken by Andrew. I've taken some pictures myself, but didn't get the result I was looking for. Maybe I'll upload it later, along with a product review. *fingers crossed*

Even though it's not my first time deploying smartphones (I once had an HP iPAQ but soon figured that 'touch screen' is not my thing), this is my first time using a QWERTY keyboard cellphone. There is no doubt I found difficulties to start with, but no need to worry. You'll get over it. Apparently I've been getting used to it within a week.

Some people I know said that Blackberry is way too expensive and not worth it. Surprisingly so far I like it. I believe it can reduce stress during awful traffic jam, queueing, waiting to see a (very popular) doctor in a clinic, etc. 

What are things I can do to avoid getting stressed out with my black beauty Bold?
IM Chatting, Facebook-ing, bloghopping, Ping-ing friends via Blackberry Messenger, replying e-mails, playing BrickBreaker/Word Mole/Sudoku/Klondike and many more.

Anyway if you have one and wish to exchange PIN with me, simply write to me so I can add you too!


  1. "Thanks for sharing. Emang dimana2 cari duit instan itu ya ga masuk akal lah, kecuali hoki gede menang lotere, hahaha.. Btw, yg masteradsense itu uda ga ada lho, sitenya uda suspended."

    Maksudnya siapa nih ? mas cosa ya ?

  2. lovely devi thanks for my bday wish :) and wow i want that too ... cerita" ya gimana review phone nya kalo ok gw mau ah ... thank you lovely devi he he

  3. just dont drive and replying emails in the same time.. :) .

    (thanks for linking me dev, appreciate it)

  4. keren blackberry nya.
    wah bisa sering2 blogging donk pake blackberry hehehe.

  5. ciee....
    bb-nya bikin ngiler dev ;)

  6. devvv.. congrats for the BB! :)

  7. ouch, QWERTY Keyboard needs a lot of getting used to for sure !:) that's a pretty phone though :)

  8. Cih.. a brand new cellphone. I want one too Dev :p hehe.. Anyway congrats with your new phone.

  9. turn off the 3G network, it will give you more battery life :)

  10. @bie: uda di reply di blog lo yah.

    @nacosu: sip2, ditunggu yah :D

    @mystery shopper: you bet! LOL. Sure, no probs.

    @alice: thanks.

    @indiradewi: hahaha, raspberry-mu juga!

    @jude: thanks yah. Aduh sbenernya bingung juga, buat apa di-congrats-in? Emang menang undian? LOL.

    @askmewhats: yeap, but not that long :P Thanks anyway Nikki!

    @dee: let me know ASAP when you have one! ;)

    @nuri: thanks for the info. I'll keep that in mind :D

  11. wuuuaaaa...pengen blackberry-nya satu aja...hikss...

  12. wuih mantab BB Bold!
    tinggal beli sepeda lipetnya aja Dev:p

    *biasanya orang2 folding bike pada pake BB kemana aja mereka pergi*

  13. @andre: haha, emang tadinya mau punya brp banyak? :P

    @spedaman: iya nih Dhan, pengen beli sepeda juga, hehehe.. Sepeda skrg yg keren mahal2 yakk.. Bokek nih, hahaha!!

    @finally-woken: LOL, that's alright. I'd like to try iPhone too sometimes!

  14. *glek*
    Mati gueee!
    Tambah pengeeeeeeen!!!!

  15. BB is cool. Tapi sayang ah buang2 duit hanya buat sebuah hape. Pake SGH-C170 udah cukup buat gw. :)


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