Monday, December 01, 2008

Fashion Sense

Hi guys, how's your weekend? Hope y'all have had a great one. I couldn't believe I woke up this morning and it's already the first day of December. Christmas is all around so get ready with your wishlist! Gosh, it's true that time it's flying by too fast!
Anyway I've been trying to utilize Adobe Photoshop to make a composite of my outfits thus today's post is an assessment of my fashion sense.

Whether you've got £20 to spend in Top Shop or £2,000 to spend at Gucci, looking good isn't about money, it's about style, and style never goes out of fashion. ---Victoria Beckham

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Never ask me what kinda style I carry on daily basis cos I honestly have no idea. I love to keep it simple along with chic, classy and sometimes sexy. Despite the fact that I want to try something edgy, fashion avant-garde like Madonna or Rihanna, I always play it safe.     

My fashion essentials:
  1. White Shirt. White is my favorite color! Trust me, you must have at least one in your closet. It's basic, timeless and easy to mix 'n match with jeans, long chain necklace, scarf, you name it!
  2. High Heels. Visualize 5'6" of me with 7-inch heels walking down the street for an hour. You don't feel my back pain, you only see how sexy I am. If you have to choose a pair, get a black one.
  3. Great Handbags. If Cinderella hearts a pair of dainty glass slippers, I can't walk away without carrying one of my lovely handbags. Patent is a good choice, but I encourage you to pick something that suits your character and necessities.
  4. Scarves/Pashminas/Shawls. Since I don't belong in a four-season country, buying a trench coat seems unreasonable. My first scarf was my paternal grandma's and I liked it ever since! It's a great substitute for necklace or brooch, as well as to reduce the windchill.
  5. Sunglasses. Unintentionally trendspotting Nicole Richie and The Olsen Twins, I've been feeling the benefit of using sunglasses. Take care of your beautiful eyes from the glare of the sun especially nowadays due to global warming. Better late than sorry!     

Other than already mentioned above indicates that they're complementary to me.


  1. Wahh... gue banget!!!, hehehe

    Saya juga gak terlalu mikirin brand, yang penting chic, matching (masak tubrukan sih atasan sama bawahan?, hehehe) tapi gak harus mahal, dan sometimes seksi (tuhh, khan kesannya nyama2in banget, tapi emang beneran sama bgt kita, :) ).

    Anyway, talking about fashion, tadi saya coba2 belanja online lwt Multiply and you know what?... After counting them, aku baru nyadar bahwa ternyata aku udah ngabisin buanyaaakkkk banget uang hanya untuk belanja2 hal yg sebetulnya gak gitu penting. Gak keliatan sih abisnya. Udah gitu tiap MP paling beli 1-2 barang yang lumayan bagus tapi harga MIRING SINTING. Dikit2 gak bikin merasa berdosa... tapi begitu ditotalin... wahhhh Masuk Neraka gue, hehehehe... *devil's laugh* :)

    Anyway, salam kenal ya Devi. Blog kamu bener2 keren loh. Sumpah. Saya suka sekali blog ini. Kalo gak sibuk saya pasti mampir2 lagi kesini. Sekalian praktek belajar bahasa inggris, mayannn gratis, hehehe... :)

  2. Katanya mau coba mencintai produk dalam negri. Kog yang direview produk luar semua mbak yu??? :P

    Oiya... Ask some of my fellows about the money. Am I already get it or not :D = Nicholas = Parlin

  3. @silly: salam kenal juga :) Thanks for the compliments, I'm truly flattered! Hehe, mudah2an barang2 yg kamu beli yg bener2 kamu suka ya, bukan krn impulsive buying.

    @adieska: hah? Produk luar mana? Perasaan baru 2 produk yg direview, dan keduanya produk lokal :P

  4. Hmm....... aku baru liat blog ini, isinya dah barang barang bling bling... cuman bisa bilang wow :D

  5. hi dev,

    keren juga outfit mu. hehehe.
    i love white shirts and great handbags hehehe. crazy with shoes also, but must be very picky, ga tau kenapa tiap beli sepatu ya, suka sakit di kaki mulu, selalu. sampe hansaplast dimana2 hehe :D
    kalo scraft males makenya.. dan kalo sunglasses, paling kalo driving or ke pantai hehehe.
    but overall sense of ur fashion is nice. terutama yg red dress itu. where u bought that?

  6. @raffaell: haha, bling2 apanya? Gak ada yg bling2 tuh :P

    @alice: thanks yah. Hehe tenang, kaki gw juga sering lecet kok, dan masih bergantung ama handyplast juga. Ada solusi yg lain sih, pake protection feet gtu, ada shield yg bisa dibeli di Watson utk ditaro di bagian belakang kaki utk menghindari lecet. Tapi males belinya, hahaha..

    Red dress yg mana ya? Yg bunga2 di bagian bawah ato color block dress yg di kanan atas? Klo yg merah bunga2 itu Zara, klo yg color block (ada merah, hitam, putih) itu kado dari sepupu :)

  7. Totally agree with Victoria (my ex-girlfriend he he he...),
    Looking good doesn`t always equal with how much money in our pocket,

    I think it`s all about how we appreciate ourselves ...

    Nice to know you also ...

  8. Saya orang yang suka "Simple life" dalam hal Outfit, anya Jeans dan Kaos Oblong... ada satu kebiasaan saya yang nggak dimengerti oleh teman teman...termasuk saya...?!
    Kalu saya menemukan pakaian atau sepatu yang saya senangi... biasanya saya membeli lebih dari satu.... jadi punya kaos yang motif dan warnanya sama, jeans model dan warna yang sama, sepatu model dan warnanya sama... sehingga sering dikira nggak pernah ganti pakaian.... tetapi itlah saya .... who care...?!

  9. Hats off to you Dev. It's a very simple, subtle, classic, yet always up-to-date style. Everything you mention is a necessary. You might want to think about changing career. Fashion Stylist, maybe? :)

  10. @seezqo: LOL. Thanks!

    @michael: it's normal to me cos I've seen it on some relatives :) However all of them are males though LOL. I think for females, I'm gonna say "It's complicated" :P

    @finally-woken: thanks! Fashion stylist has always been my alter ego :)


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