Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Wishlist

Here goes my short wishlist...
  • Health, that's the only one I ask for ASAP.
  • White christmas!
  • Health and jubilation for my mom.
  • Blackberry Bold to exchange my old SE K750i. Coming soon!
  • New BF, LOL.
  • An excursion to Medan and Manado.
  • Promotion and year-end bonus for Keisar.
  • Good law school for Andrew.
  • A brand new Honda CRV in silver/black, automatic transmission.
  • More handbags please!
Wish me best of luck! :)


  1. yeah ... what a list ...

    Hope they will come into reality,

    Hope the magic of Christmas will make it happen,

    Or why don`t you ask Santa claus to bring it all ?
    Coz I heard he will be coming to town soon... so you`d better watchout ...

  2. Hai...
    I'm Michael Siregar at Virginia - USA.
    I Wish You a Merry Christmas....

  3. Justinclaus is checking your list and finding out if you been naughty or nice but I think I can help out with your list and I have the "perfect" stocking stuffer for you ;)

    Justin...Justin Credible

  4. @seezqo: thanks. Do you believe in Santa? :P

    @michael: hi Michael, thanks for dropping by. Merry Christmas to you too :)

    @justin: you know I've been a good kid since forever, LOL!

  5. wah uda di list dari sekarang ya dev. hehehe. Merry Christmas ya devi.. wish all the best for u :)

  6. @alice: iyah, kan klo bikinnya minggu ke-4, it's the time to make a new year resolution hahaha... Merry Xmas to you too..

  7. Even we haven't got white xmas for a long time, hopefully this year

  8. Semoga Wishlistnya terkabul :D


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