Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's been a long time since I write the latest culinary experience.

Last weekend my girlfriends and I went to Plaza Senayan after Homecoming Alumni Santa Ursula (I'll post that one later, so please be patient).

Chatterbox Cafe is relatively pretty familiar in Jakarta cos I've been there over and over again since I was a kid. My favorite meals back then were Fish and Chip and Chicken Cordon Blue. However since I'm grown up I believe it's time to make a different. Besides, I need to pay extra attention of what I eat to avoid obesity and other diseases. Hence I've been trying not to eat anything fries. Wish me luck!

IDR 35,000

Here's what I got for dinner. No fries! It was a steam-rice with corns and peas that surrounded by sliced of beef, mushroom on top, pak coy and carrots all smothered in the oyster sauce. Tasted great and pretty cheap. In case you were wondering about the name, I was confused myself but I was telling you the real name; a combination of Bahasa and English.

IDR 39,500

These were Rica's.
It's an ordinary hainanese chicken rice along with a soup, but the chicken are fried. Not sure about what it tasted but it looked very delicious!

IDR 36,500

This was Happy's.
Served in a pan but didn't look yummy at all. Maybe it was just my opinion since I didn't like Kuetiaw. Apparently Happy left behind almost half of her meal by the end of the day. She said she was full already, so yeah. I'll let you decide.

As for the appetizer, we ordered Oriental Snack that cost IDR 22,500. It was a combo of chicken wings, onion ring and fried calamary. Surprisingly it came out after the main courses so pardon me for not taking pics during meals LOL.

Hot Green Tea IDR 15,000 (refillable hot water only)
Hot Jasmine Tea IDR 15,000 (refillable hot water only)
Coca Cola IDR 12,000

*All price excluded 15% Government Tax.

CHATTERBOX Cafe offers both local and international menu in affordable price. I also love its relaxed ambience and simple modern interior design. It also has 3 private rooms if you want an intimate moment or simply stay away from the crowd. Definitely one of great places to dine in with family and friends. 

Where to go:
SOGO 5th Floor (next to Kinokuniya Bookstore)
Plaza Senayan


  1. Tantalizing, but totally out of reach for me now. Nevertheless, I'll try and memorize your review so next time in Jakarta I will know where to go. Obliged.

  2. Chatterbox used to be good, but I don't know how is it now. Because they have been in business for years, I guess they're still good.

    My favorite was Singapore Kuetiaw

  3. kayanya Chatterbox cuman ada di PS doank ya? ada cabang lain ga?
    dulu gw makan juga di PS doank.. rame juga.. dan tempat nya ga gede2 banget, ga tau deh skrg. huehuehue. btw, dev comment mu dah di reply, maen2 ya ke blog ku :)

  4. @colson: :D

    @boy: yeap they're is.

    @alice: biasanya klo ada SOGO, dia pasti ada juga :) Pertama kali gw nyobain di Plaza Indonesia, tp krn SOGO-nya dibongkar, ya skrg ga ada deh :( Dulu ada juga di Debenhams Senayan City, tapi kayaknya tempatnya ga gtu strategis jadinya tutup deh. Klo ga salah, Chatterbox ada juga di La Piazza, Kelapa Gading. Tp ga tau juga ya klo ternyata uda tutup, hehehe...

  5. @Devi: Dev, gw baru bales comment mu yg di post judulnya "blog-reading" tadi pagi lho hehehe. :)

  6. iya di la piazza gading ada... di lantai paling dasar... hehehehe...

  7. glek.. ngeliat kwetiau gorengnya, bikin kepingin non.. :)

  8. dooh, yang jauh dari jakarta kapan yah bisa nemuin yg kaya gini..

  9. @rica: haha ok deh yg anak Gading :P

    @mpokkb: boleh dicoba, Mpok :D

    @arielz: sesekali boleh lah mampir klo sedang di Jakarta :)

  10. ohh those dishes look yummy! I am super hungry now

  11. ah, jadi pengen makan kwetiaw sini :)


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