Saturday, December 20, 2008

5-Year-Old Kiddo

Hi guys, thanks for kindly asking how I was few days ago. It was actually a family business-related matter. No pain, no gain. 

Anyway this is probably my last posting before Christmas, cos I believe I'm gonna do some errands, rush into family gathering and stuffs. (No, I won't do the cooking. I can't cook, LOL)

I'm sure all of you already have a great plan for year-end holiday. So before you catch up the flight and rush for Christmas, I want to show my old pic taken in 1991 (think so).

Picture above portrays a cute obedient 5-year-old kiddo that loves herself to be captured in a camera, but really clueless on how to pose naturally as a kiddo. I mean, how many kids out there have a close-up picture of themselves when they were like 5?

Huh, tell me.

Not sure whether my mom, auntie or grandma who was responsible to do this hairstyle on me. All I can remember is I had tons of those hairbands and accessories back then!

Gosh, I love that bangs; looked fabulous on me-kiddo. I was wondering why most of my hairstylists refused to give me bangs these days LOL.

Last but not least, I wish you all a wonderful celebration of Christmas and HAPPY HOLIDAY!



  1. Hei it`s nice to look at thet picture.
    You really looked sweet at that time, sampe skrg masih kan :)

    Just keep your inner & outer beauty forever n Happy X-mas ...

  2. Try to compare your current with that lil cute girl :-)

    Merry Christmas Devi, hope you enjoy your Christmas holiday :-)

    May God Bless You, Always ...

  3. You are too cute! LOL :) :) :) Thanks for sharing and Advance Merry Christmas to you and your famiyl!!!

  4. Isn't she cute? Isn't she swell?

    For obvious reasons I can identify with your granddad(s) fifteen odd years ago: hopelessly in love with the 5 year old princess, their devastating beauty..

    Happy Christmas, Merry New Year.

  5. Have a great X-mas dev.. and great holidays too..

  6. wah..kecil-kecil udah niat punya KTP yah?

    (abis gaya pas foto KPT ;p)

  7. @seezqo: tetep donk :P Happy Christmas to you too!

    @tere616: nothing significant now & then, LOL. Enjoy your holiday too! :)

    @askmewhats: thank you Nikki!

    @colson: LOL. Thanks anyway. Best wishes for you too!

    @mystery shopper: thanks, you too!

    @boy: neah, I didn't even know what KTP is back then :P

  8. dev, cute banget fotonya.. hehehehe

  9. cubby ya say...cute banget...ngegemesin..:D

  10. @alice: :D

    @tiara: hehe iya, thanks ya!

  11. besok kalo dah nenek2 kaya apa ya mba hehehe


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