Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When Something's Wrong

You know more than you think you do. ---Benjamin Spock

I'm not a computer geek. Consequently whenever my PC (or stuffs related to it) turns into a breakdown, I'll always have someone fix it up and I'm not happy about that. How come? Cos it makes me (pretty much) depending on someone's else.

Normally when I ask someone to do me a favor, I was hoping that he/she would fully help me ASAP and I won't take 'no' as an answer. LOL. However, there are times when I didn't get help and forced to take care of myself. Those hard times were never been easy indubitably.

I've been having some technical difficulties with my wireless keyboard recently. It doesn't work like the way it supposed to be. I can't type anything on everything; primarily anything that need to be appeared on the screen. At first I thought it's the PC's fault (hang or sort of), but after restarting the PC few times; it still wouldn't work! Blah.

I can hardly remember what was happened at the time the keyboard was paralyzed. There was no bonfire smoke so definitely it had nothing to do with the operating system inside.

Asking Keisar apparently didn't do any good. He kept running away and simply answering me "How should I know?" whenever I raised this matter. Either he's too cool for this thing or me being such a fool.

A brief history about the wireless devices; 
Both of them were purchased at MSI Melbourne, Australia, in mid February 2006 after deliberating over my (ex-)BF's enticement. He bubble-wrapped them enthusiastically so that I didn't have to hand-carry them to the cabin. I was too excited to try them out soon as I got home thus far, I forgot to register them on Microsoft website! 


After checking and evaluating its wireless system on my PC over and over again, I've found that the software shows incorrect battery life. I thought it's because the lack of battery power. Since I've been using rechargeable batteries, I tried to recharge the batteries and keep focussing the problem on batteries and voila! ... still didn't work.

Oh come on! Gimme a break!

Another thought popped up. Maybe if I update the software, it'll work. My current version is 5.0 meanwhile the latest version on the web is 6.3. Alright then, let's see if I were right (or not). Unfortunately, I'm wasn't that lucky.

Last chance, I decided to ask the producer, none other than Microsoft. Filling this-and-that, I ended up on this page.

WTF?! Payment method? I just need to write short e-mail asking about what should I do under this circumstances. Gah!

I almost gave myself up to suicide, until I recognize something's wrong. Yes, something's wrong about the battery indicator. It says "Low Battery Life". That's absurd, it's only a minute away after I've recharged them. Conclusively, there's something wrong with the operating system inside.

Still, the bad news is I don't know what to do. At least, I know what is wrong. Period.


  1. Wireless keyboards are fragile. I used to have one, 4 years ago and after 2 years, it was out of order. The technician (from Logitech) suggested to replace the keyboard with the new one instead of trying to repair it. Now I am happy with plain keyboard with cord (they are reliable and cheap!)

  2. probably check crap made in china, just toss it and buy a new one.

    devi, ya know if i could rearrange the keyboard letters i would put "i and u" next to each other ;)

    peace out, cub scout

    justin.....justin credible

  3. This is all about witchcraft, if you ask me.

    It's not that I don't sympathize with you, and feel sorry about the problems, but what really fascinates me is that without a reliable keyboard you managed to write a perfect post. You obviously can work miracles!

    As for the trouble caused by the wireless one, you mentioned the involvement of an ex BF. So can it be his evil eye....? Maybe, if you can work positive miracles, he possibly is still able to work negative miracles.

  4. @boy: is that true? I haven't noticed that. Thanks.

    @justin: it was said "Made in Thailand". Good luck to you! :)

    @colson: I didn't use my PC for a while. Thanks to my Macbook! :D Not to forget about your compliments, I'm flattered! As for the ex BF, I won't dare to speculate :P

  5. Maybe you should change your batteries Dev. Because rechargeable battery tends to lose the power more quickly the more you use it.


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