Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Update on The New Template

The poll has been closed. 

Here is the final result:
71% agreed that the new template looks fresh and like it.
28% said that the old template is way much better.  

This means I'll keep on using this pinky-winky template at this time, and still not sure how long it will last. LOL. I'm pretty excited about the results though, since the old template was no longer compatible to Blogger settings. It had very limited access to arrange the page elements. I admit I pretty suck on HTML, so it really gave me hard time playing with them. 

Anyway, special thanks to anyone who participated in my poll :) Very much appreciated!


  1. Whoaa... new template. I like this pinky-winky one Dev :p

  2. @jogjacartoonvisit: thank you.

    @dee: yeap! Thanks Dee, I'm glad you do like it :)


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