Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

I love both of them!

Picture below was Mocca, a german shepperd-mix male puppy I used to have. He was a year old when I took this picture. His teeth were starting to grow up and ended up put my mom's botanical garden in ruins, LOL. So mom decided to let him go to a relative. At the following month, mom told me Mocca had gone forever due to an accident.


Believe it or not, I kinda hated my relative (the one who took my puppy) soon after. I couldn't accept the fact that he failed his own words to take care of my cute little dog. 

Anyway I'm over it by now. And seriously consider to have another pet in the house. FYI I already have 2 turtles and 9 gold fish. Aha!

However as I predicted long long time ago, mom said NO. And no compromise, she has clearly stated. *sob*

Later on, after my addiction to this TV show, I've been thinking to add a fat orange tabby cat into the family. A cat won't make a lot of noises like dog barks, I suggest. Mom does mind about the idea hence I'll still try to persuade her.

Meanwhile a close friend of mine reminds me that to have another pet, either cat or dog, I should devote more time to take care of them and play with them. And yet I have to be able to accept the fact that the pet will die eventually. Can I?

Gosh I hate if he always get points right!


  1. well devi, let me tell you i don't like dogs....i LOVE dogs!!! well actually it depends on how they are cooked and seasoned, they can be a little bland at times....ok, seriously? i meant hot dogs, wat did u think i really eat a dog???

    go with the cat :)

    Justin...Justin Credible

  2. Mmmmm... Cats... I truely luv them... Anyone give me a cat plz....

  3. cats and dog, two big enemy. i don't know till got peace...

  4. sebenernya i prefer fishes.
    dulu waktu kecil, i've nurtured them well, tp akhirnya die juga, gara2 mati lampu kehabisan bubbles oksigennya.
    tp sampe skrg tetep suka liat aquarium with fishes ;)

  5. @justin: awww thanks for choosing the cat, I have no idea when it'll be fulfilled but I'm glad to hear it from you!

    @idotkontji: try to catch them on the side of the street! LOL.

    @info-oke: not true. My friend has both of them altogether in his house and they get along well :)

    @alice: LOL, dasar!

  6. I Love Puppies... they are Cute, but unfortunately Right now I have no time to take care of them.... may be next time.


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