Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tell Me

After 3 years blogging, I've never felt so prominent until I got fan mails recently.

He (or she?) claimed himself as Jobert Simpson.

He said my blog is pointless.
He said my blog is stupid.
He said my blog is childish.
He said I look like in my 5th grade.
He said I am an American wannabe.
He said his salary of a year employment equals to my lifetime earnings in the 3rd world country.
He said being American gives him right to be treated like a king in my country.
He said he demands my respect and pampering.
He said I have to watch what I say (to him) cos he knows my little secrets.

I chuckled when I read the last sentence. Little secrets? Little secrets MY ASS. Gosh, you don't even know me. I'm an extrovert, I'm as open as a black hole can be. I never keep a secret by myself and trust me, even if I do, I won't bother to write it on the internet. I've seen many bloggers had the same case, but never think it would've happened to me too.

Thanks for spending your quality time reading my blog word-by-word. This post is not intended to make you mortified though. On the contrary, you've given me an unusual way to remind me that I'm a big girl. For that I thank you.

P.S. Thanks for all your supports guys! Much appreciated!

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  1. I say how pointless, stupid, and childish s/he is commenting on something that s/he thinks as pointless, stupid, and childish. I say how miserable s/he is because s/he is commenting on other's look: s/he must be to ugly to go out and have a date as popularly pretty people won't even bother commenting on how others look. I say sorry to him as his champion McCain lost and his bubble and curtain falters apart (go out and see the world beyond your own hamlet!). I say sorry to other Americans to have to carry this kind of backward imbeciles in their way to progress. But most of all, I am truly sorry that your mom doesn't love you ... I truly am.

  2. He is an american as i am (which im not) This is clearly a case of a person parading as an American, but from his comments, it is clear this is not a native English speaker, so to earn in a year more than you would in a year is really far fetched. Dont bother, dev, this is your personal blog to do as you please with it. This is probably an asian girl who envies you for some reason. Just ignore her and treat her like you would a zit (ignore it cos it's annoying but it's not important)

    BTW, I like your blog and I know a lot of people do too. And even if they don't, it's not your problem. Just keep writing and ignore haters, there will always be haters in the world to all things fab (like us *wink*)

  3. LOL Dev! what an Idiot he must be.. if anything isn't he the stupid one to read something he thinks is stupid? Forget these ignorant people.. what's so great to be an American anyway? Please! He's probably a big loser who gets nothing in the US, therefore he thinks he can be king in a third world country. Dream on mister.. the rich people in Indonesia are much richer than ones you probably know in America. They probably can even pay multiple times your salary :). Anyway how have you been?

  4. huammm numpang nyampah yah...!! jalan jalan kesini karena dapat jalan dari mybloglogku heheh :P

    thanks dah melongok gubuk tua ku

  5. u shouldn't have even wasted a post on this guy. keep blogging about more interesting things tho!! ; )

  6. Just consider it as a spam Dev. Worth for a trash bin anyway :P

  7. at least he/she had soooo much time to get contact with you in his 'any possible' ways. But, for me, his 'any possible' ways looks too awkward.

  8. @imam: thanks.

    @anonymous: awww that's harsh! It's okay babe. Easy. Tsk-tsk-tsk.

    @rima: might be. Thanks for your moral supports! Glad to have you around :)

    @irene: God knows who, LOL. I've been doing good. What about you? Life's been getting busy, huh? I've seen no updates on your blog :P

    @medanblogger: no probs.

    @erika: in fact he is.

    @john: you wouldn't even drop that kind of comment if I didn't, tee-hee. Thanks anyway.

    @dee: agree with the spam thing, but disagree to trash them away. They were 'evidence' you know, LOL.

    @alice: yeah, at least he gave it a try.

  9. Mr, Mrs or Miss Jobert Simpson may of course think and write whatever he/she wants. Obviously he/she thinks your blog is of major importance to him/her. As obviously his/her perception of it is totally wrong. And even more obviously his review isn't nearly good enough to even spend one word on it in reply.

    By nevertheless doing so, you showed superior class. He/she should be grateful; you have been too kind by dedicating this post to his/her aberrations.

  10. whoa :))
    points #6 and 7 can be quantitatively and logically dispelled (and hence be dispensed with easily.)
    but yea, lovely Mr Simpson did get his two cents' worth of airtime attention on your blog.

    ...which boils down to one thing. do we [still] genuinely believe people are representing their real selves in the virtual world?

    and yea, congrats on the fan mail Dev ;))

  11. Alex, I'll take "Get a life people!!!" for $500. Lots of knights in armor here. Nice.......real nice.

  12. Dev, take it this way. You're a celebrity now, you're popular. The fan must love you that much to hate you like that.

    I second Rima and others. Ignore it and continue what you're doing. Lots of people love and read your blog!

  13. Dev, screw them. Who cares of what 'Anonymous' think? Since they don't dare to show you who they are anyway. Anywho, did you probably reject somebody recently? Just a thought :p

  14. Ahh... I see some devilish things in you (related to your comment at my comment in this post) LOL

  15. ah, agree with Rima.... most likely it's just a jealous creature who is deeply insecure!

    you and your blog, both are great!

  16. @colson: you're too kind, thanks anyway.

    @mukuge: of course not. When it comes to cyber world "trust no one" is a must, until proven otherwise.

    @justin: what comes around goes around.

    @finallywoken: will do!

    @accordingtod: I have no idea. My secret admirer? LOL.

    @seezqo: consider it's done.

    @dee: Lord have mercy, LOL.

    @merapuman: hell yeah!

    @mer: thanks Mer.

  17. tenang mbak dwvi, menurutku hidup itu seperti apanya diri kita. Toh, tidak ada satupun manusia yang sama khan ?
    Yg ngata-ngatain aja kurang kerjaan.
    sorry, my english is not good.

    budi herprasetyo

  18. Congratulation on having a troll!!

    It means you're famous. Live it and earn it my friend ;)


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