Thursday, November 27, 2008

TARA 3 Is Finally Over

The Amazing Race Asia season 3 is finally over. I can hardly believe my favorite Malaysian team Ida & Tania lost! *crybaby*

They were so lucky to be able to race into the final 3 along with Geoff & Tisha and Sam & Vince, since they had been the last-team-to-arrive (twice!) on leg 6 and 7. 

Among all teams, this duo actress-heiress shared fun, humor and enthusiasm the most during the race. I was laughing out loud when I saw them still manage to shop at Hongkong International Airport and buy hotdogs in Muscat, between tasks.

Too bad on the final leg to Phuket, Thailand, they took the wrong flight and made them pretty difficult to catch up. Anything could literally happen in this competition. Nevertheless, I'm still proud of them being the first female teams on final 3 of the toughest race ever!

Even I have doubted myself whether I can perform in that race! LOL. 

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  1. ahh too bad there's no indonesian team this season..
    boleh link site-nya mbak??..thank you

  2. not following the last two races... though I like watching it...

    so, when will you join the race? will be cool! i'll be your supporter.

  3. @heisrich: sure.

    @mer: are you gonna be my partner for the race? Tee-hee. Hmm, I don't know actually but I'd like to sign up with my brother near future :D

  4. well devi, i dont watch TARA but i would sign up for the TADC...the amazing devi chase ;) and trust me, i have enough gas in the tank to complete the chase and finish 1st place...well a boy can dream can't he?????

    Justin....Justin Credible

  5. I'm surely will add AXN on my Cable TV package if you sign in TARA.

    where should i support u're participation REG[spasi]WETON on 9877 or what? :p

  6. So who won in TARA 3? I missed the final episode :(

  7. @justin: LOL. Sure you can do!

    @avante: I'll let you know for sure :D

    @ecky: it's Sam & Vince who bring home the $100k.


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