Friday, November 21, 2008

So Sick

NEVER RELY ON SOMEONE ELSE. That's the lesson I've learnt today. Life's full of drama, just like soap opera. Everyone has his own role-play; some mean it and some other fake it. 

Come what may.


  1. But, we have 2 act as ours in this world..

  2. Tough. Especially because you to depend on your parents to keep you from starving to death when you are a baby, on the taxi driver when you are in a hurry to get your plane, on your partner to have great lovemaking, on the surgeon when you need an operation, on...

    O, this truth of yours is making me panic.

  3. Well.. lately I kind of have the same thought as you.. I really can't give any comment about this.

  4. @helda: most of the time, yes. I agree.

    @colson: OMG you're right! Just like English anyway, there is an "exception" for application. LOL!

    @dee: my point, be strong. That's what life meant to be.

  5. I always the drama for your mamma...Justin...Justin Credible


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