Saturday, November 29, 2008

MDISK Notebook Cooler

Laptop cooler is here to answer your need regarding a theory of constant circulation air will help the laptop's performance. I bought this one at Jakarta Fair last July for a special price; IDR 120,000. Unfortunately the price on the website is slightly more expensive.

Price: IDR 201,000 (web-based)
Where to buy:

What it is:
A laptop cooling-pad made of iron with 2-coolingfan to cool down the battery heat. It suits up to 13-inch laptops.

Product: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Design: 3 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

Will I buy again? No. What for?

- No software/battery/charger required. Using USB 2.0 to connect, it's very handy and easy to use: just plug and play. However you can buy an adaptor to avoid it consuming your laptop’s battery life.
- Made of iron, that assured me it has a great resistance. 
- Silent. There are no such annoying chimes.
- 3-month warranty.

- Consume pretty much of your laptop’s battery life. As I mentioned above, it’s already solved with an adaptor.
- It’s a good stuff, but not that essential.

There are many laptop coolers out there, but most of them are made of plastics. Plastics are much cheaper than steel but when I compare them; I can tell that plastics are easily broken (and got scratched!). I realize that this stuff is not vital but if you’re a Macbook user like I do, you’ll know
what I mean LOL.


  1. well devi, looks too high tech for me to operate and I like to HEAT up rather than cool down ;)

    Justin...Justin Credible

  2. i dont hv one although i'm using a notebook. didnt find it necessary since there's aircond in my room

  3. Hm .. I never use that kind of cooler, not even my colleague in the office (most of all using laptop, though).

    Why don't you buy the cover, the one with beautiful picture ?

    I mean not to cover your laptop, it's kinda a sticker, it's fancy though.

  4. you often bring your laptop along with the cooler? because I assume that it drains your battery heavily when you're not connected to the power

  5. @justin: it's a user-friendly product :)

    @merapu: you're lucky then. I don't have one in my computer room :D

    @tere: as I mentioned in the post, it's a not a vital product but you can have it if you want to. Hmm I don't really like that kinda stickers but I'll consider it ;)

    @boy: not really. Well basically I rarely carry around my laptop LOL.

  6. I use a laptop cooler as well. It's made out of alumunium and it's silver (obviously). Kinda cooled my laptop a bit. I think.

    Because I use AMD processor, my laptop gets hot very quickly and it's always jacked up to the power anyways, so no problem for the battery life.

    Either way, I think the battery life for my Fujitsu kinda sux anyway :P

  7. i already use these kind of notebook cooler, but in different brand with slightly cheaper price :D. This stuff really useful for me, becauce i often force my notebook to work more than 12 hours daily

  8. @therry: Fujitsu? Really? I thought it's one of the best..

    @arielz: 12 hours daily? Wow! Don't you have a PC?

  9. Interesting post,

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