Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey Wanita

An easy listening song and casual lyrics "Hey Wanita" performed by Melanie Subono, the original soundtrack of "Pertaruhan" (=At Stake) movie.

(Lyrics here)

At number of 20+ Indonesian female public figures join the video clip such as Krisdayanti, Julia Perez, Maia Estianty, Titi DJ, Helmalia Putri, Dewi Rezer, Tika Panggabean and many more. Senior actresses like Rima Melati and Widyawati also appears on few scenes. Most of them act like they were singing the song, somehow reminds me of MTV All Stars' "What's Going On" clip.  

Various pieces of information about Indonesian women were compiled and presented by former anchorwoman of Metro TV, Sandrina Malakiano, and Feny Rose. Some of them were actual news about domestic violence and the others covered Indonesian women's great achievements; Anggun for her international reputation as a female singer, Susi Susanti for her Olympic gold medal winning in 1992, Alexandra Asmasoebrata for her amazing career as a car racer, etc.

Even though her singing career in Indonesia has just begun since two years ago, Melanie Subono has been gaining peculiar repute for her eclectic mix of music and her sense of fashion. 

What do you think?


  1. dont really like her music, but the i like the lyrics

  2. I like Anggun and her songs.
    it's a shame to miss her concert in 2005, so I'm keeping my eyes for one anytime across the Channel :))

    not a big fan of the song, but will be looking into the movie further.

  3. I regret the lyrics are beyond me. But this lady has a sound which reminds of Carla Bruni and other (French)whispering singers - sweet and sensual.

  4. She has a good voice but the song could've been better. It didn't sound as touching if it was played on the radio.

    It was the video clip that made the music special.

    Either way, the intention of the song as well as the lyric, was great :)

    I wish more female musicians/singers would sing something like this, instead of parading this way and that singing about 'getting screwed from behind' or about 'playboys' ;)


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